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Eurobelt Modular Conveyor Belts

The range of Eurobelt conveyor belts is one of the widest ranges of plastic modular belts in the world. The Eurobelt modular conveyor belts are suitable for pretty much any type of transport including foodstuffs and industrial goods.

The products that Eurobelt manufacture are also suitable for applications that must remain ultra-clean, as well as for use in ATEX or potentially explosive environments.   The Eurobelt modular conveyor belts are anti-static, acid resistant and flame retardant, and can be used in x-ray machines.

The modular configuration of Eurobelt conveyor belts enables the user to customise each belt according to the needs of the application. The specially designed geometry of Eurobelt modular products also ensures complete safety during the direct handling of the belts.

Eurobelt Manufacture and Assembly

Eurobelt maintain their position as an industry leader in the modular conveyor belt market by continuing to develop a variety of innovative products. To achieve this, the company has designed and constructed excellent facilities where the Eurobelt conveyor belt products are manufactured.

The design and Eurobelt manufacture process begins in the technical department where a team of engineers work exclusively on the development of new products. Then, Eurobelt manufacture their modular conveyor belt products using special moulds. The Eurobelt modular conveyor belts are moulded with technical plastics that form a special structure made of pieces that combine or are ‘injected’ into each other to create suitable support for transporting a wide range of goods.

The engineers at Eurobelt manufacture the products using state-of-the-art equipments and plastic materials throughout the whole manufacturing process. The assembly of the injection pieces form interlaced rows joined together by connecting rods which are contained at each side by removable caps.

Each of the Eurobelt modular conveyor belts undergo strict quality controls and tests to ensure Eurobelt manufacture the best possible product.

Eurobelt Conveyor Belts

Some quick highlights of the range of Eurobelt modular conveyor belts include the SE925 Series which features a special curve with minimum radii which enables these curved plastic modular belts to rotate in less space. This product also has a rod diameter of just 6mm along with Eurobelt’s ‘clip lock’ system which is one of the strongest and most stable on the market.

Another excellent product to highlight is the E30 Series which features a 30mm pitch and has been specially designed for conveying and elevating smaller-sized product at high speed. This series of Eurobelt modular conveyor belt has its traction generated in the central part of the modules which allows it to be used as a two-directional belt.

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