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Vibramod Suppliers in the UK

YB Components are the leading Vibramod suppliers in the UK, providing British businesses with the full range of Vibramod vibration motors. We can supply you with both of the VMA and VMF series, as well as the VMG Series and various micro vibration  motors.

Vibramod vibration motors are manufactured using quality materials and components at the company’s plant in Turkey. The different series feature various body designs and mountings, as well as speed and frequency options.

The products available through Vibramod suppliers YB Components are particularly known for their highly efficient performance.

What are Vibramod Vibration Motors?

Vibration motors are special devices that generate and transmit mechanical vibrations through the supplication of energy. They are, essentially, motors whose job it is to create vibrations in order to help move, screen or loosen materials. For this reason they are primarily used in bulk material handling processes. Such motors may also be used for material compaction, as well as and at certain sticking points in mechanical systems and conveying machinery.

The types of motor in the range of Vibramod vibration motors are powered by electricity and generate vibration for a wide variety of industrial machinery applications. They are used wherever vibration energy is required, such is in food, feed or flour factories, and in the construction industry for the likes of forced water tunnels in roadways and hydroelectric power plants.

Other industries who call upon Vibramod suppliers for vibration motors include mining, asphalt plants and the heavy duty crushing machines in concrete plants. They are also commonly used in recycling facilities and in special machinery such as sand dewatering machines. You’ll see them used in cement and steel silos and in applications such as industrial sieves and feeders.

These robust motors are also found in applications for compaction, pouring, and separation.

VMA Series of Vibramod Vibration Motors

The VMA Series is a foot-mounted vibration motor that has been designed for use in the industrial sector. The tasks where these Vibramod vibration motors are most useful are applications for screening, filtration and surface cleaning. The foot-mounted vibration motor comes in three varieties including a 1000rpm version, a 1500rpm version and a 3000rpm version.

VMF Series of Vibramod Vibration Motors

The VMF Series of products available through Vibramod suppliers in the UK are a top-mounted design. This make them ideal for use with any relevant machinery that is raised higher off the ground to the extent that a foot-mounted vibration motor is not viable. The VMF Series has two versions, one generating 1500rpm and another generating 3000rpm.

VMG Series of Vibramod Vibration Motors

The VMG Series is a middle-mounted vibration motor, and suitable for the same applications as both the VMA and VMF series of Vibramod vibration motors. They are also available through Vibramod suppliers with either 1500rpm or 3000rpm, depending on how many rpms the application needs.

If you require any Vibramod vibration motors, then contact YB Components who are the leading Vibramod suppliers in the UK. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.