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YB Components are pleased to supply UK companies with Eurobelt modular Belts.

Eurobelt is a leading company in the manufacturing of plastic modular belts to transport food and industrial product. To carry out its activity, AFHER EUROBELT S.A. has a staff in continuous training, which is implicated from the first offer to the manufacturing and finally the after-sales service.

The EUROBELT conveyor belts help to improve the applications in a great number of industries:

  • Car
  • Beverage
  • Meat
  • Preserved Fish and Vegetables
  • Dairy Produce
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Industrial Pastry
  • Fish
  • Wine
quick belts

quickbelts is a new modular belts generation with an assembly system without articulation rods. With just one click, your quickbelts parts fit together without using additional tools, making assembly faster and easier