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UNEFLEX Tyre Couplings Distributors  

As the UK’s leading UNEFLEX couplings distributor, YB Components can provide UK businesses and those around the world with the full range of these excellent tyre couplings.

Let’s look at the tyre coupling products available through UNEFLEX couplings distributors.

UNEFLEX Shaft-to-Shaft Tyre Couplings

The shaft-to-shaft UNEFLEX tyre couplings feature a flexible connection across both shafts. The shaft-to-shaft design is featured in both the UNEFLEX M Series and the 1 Series, as well as the DVA Series.

These shaft to shaft products available through UNFLEX couplings distributors require no maintenance or lubrication, and they are quick and easy to install.

UNEFLEX Taper Bush Tyre Couplings

These UNEFLEX tyre couplings feature a taper lock bush, also known as a taper fit bush or just taper bush. They include a special locking mechanism primarily for use with power transmission drives for connecting couplings to shafts, as well as with the likes of pulleys and sprockets. Taper bush couplings by UNEFLEX are often pre-bored and keyed so that they match the required shaft and keyway diameters.

The taper bush feature can be found in the UNEFLEX T Series as well as the DVS Series and F Series, all available through UNFLEX couplings distributor YB Components.

UNEFLEX SD Series – Tyre Couplings with Spacer

The SD Series of UNEFLEX tyre couplings feature a dismantling spacer specifically designed for pump drives. Such couplings with spacers include extra shaft length between the coupling and the shaft of the pump drive shaft. This allows for the bearings and seal to be removed without moving the driver or pump from its original place.

UNEFLEX D Series – Tyre Couplings with Brake Disc

UNEFLEX brake disc couplings are multi-piece flexible shaft couplings which connect driven and driving shafts in applications powered by mechanical transmission. The D Series is especially flexible thanks to the brake disc and they are particularly adept at absorbing shocks and countering misalignment between connected shafts.

The brake disc products available through UNEFLEX couplings distributor YB Components are interchangeable with international manufacturers and also feature a pre-bored option. The torque range of the D Series is between 400Nm and 10000Nm.

UNEFLEX P Series – Tyre Couplings with Brake Drum

The brake drum tyre coupling connects a motor and gearbox shaft, or a gearbox to a machine shaft. There are numerous advantages to using a brake drum coupling over a brake disc coupling, with the brake drum version able to provide significantly more braking power than a brake disc with an equally-sized diameter.

Brake drums also last longer thanks to the friction contact area being larger than a brake disc. A potential disadvantage is that brake drums may generate excessive heat during heavy braking.

UNEFLEX FF Series – Tyre Couplings for Large Displacements

UNFLEX also manufacture tyre couplings specifically designed for large displacements. These products are found in the FF Series and feature a torque range between 3Nm and 200Nm for shaft diameters up to 75mm.

If you require any UNEFLEX tyre couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading UNEFLEX couplings distributors in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.