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Vibramod Micro Vibration Motors

Vibramod micro vibrators are electric vibration motors that are small enough to fit into tight spaces and attach to a wide variety of application receptacles. Vibramod vibrators can be attached to sieves, gutters or tables to move material around. They can also be attached to small applications to vibrate products while using only a small portion of the total vibration power.

The Vibramod micro vibration motors available through UK suppliers YB Components provide an efficient and continuous vibration process with an unobstructed flow of material.

How Vibramod Micro Vibrators Work

Vibramod vibrators generate and transmit electrically powered mechanical vibrations. They create vibrations which then move, screen or loosen materials.

They are often used in bulk material handling processes, and can also be used for  material compaction. Such micro vibrators can be especially useful at particular points of a mechanical system or conveying machinery where materials are prone to get stuck or pile up.

Applications of Vibramod Vibrators

The models of Vibramod micro vibrators are suitable for a wide variety of industrial machinery applications as they are robust and long-lasting, while remaining compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

Industries using such vibration motors include food, feed and flour factories. They are necessary devices in the mining industry as well as the heavy duty crushing machines in concrete plants as well as cement and steel silos. They are also commonly used in recycling facilities.

You can find Vibramod micro vibrators at work in any industry involving compaction, pouring or separation.

Vibramod Micro Vibrator Products

Vibramod manufacture three models that produce 3000 rpm and one model that produces 1500 rpm. The latter is a 15/25 micro vibration motor, while the former three come in 3/20 and 3/40 modes, as well as 3/60.

Other Vibramod Vibrators

Vibramod also make the VMA Series which is a foot-mounted vibration motor especially designed for use in the industrial sector. These vibrators are excellent for  screening, surface cleaning and filtration.

The VMG Series is a middle-mounted vibration motor and are excellent all round vibration motors.

There is also the VMF Series which is a top-mounted design so they are ideal for applications that are raised high enough off the ground so that a foot-mounted vibration motor is not feasible.

If you are not certain which Vibramod micro vibration motor is the one you need, then you can explain your requirements to  the experts at YB Components who can direct you to the most suitable product.

If you require any Vibramod micro vibration motors, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Vibramod micro vibrators supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.