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OSIP Electropumps: How Do They Work?

Electric water pumps make certain applications much easier, especially if you use the high quality OSIP electropumps. There is a wide range of OSIP electric pumps available through YB Components, including both low pressure and high pressure OSIP industrial electropumps.

There are also OSIP pumps for granulated impurities, as well as peripheral and close-coupled OSIP electric pumps.

Why Use OSIP Industrial Electropumps?

The electric pumps manufactured by OSIP are more streamlined and compact than the bulky and inefficient traditional pumps used for fluid transfer. OSIP electropumps are also much lighter and more adaptable so they can be used for a variety of applications.

OSIP Electric Pump Applications

Industrial pumps are required for a variety of purposes including construction, dewatering, water circulation, sump pits and fire protection systems. Such pumps are valuable as they perform a multitude of important industrial and agricultural tasks, although the OSIP electropumps have more specific purposes.

For example, both the low pressure and high pressure OSIP industrial electropumps are frequently used for the transfer of lubricants and coolant liquids, as well as for pump refrigerant liquids. The OSIP electropumps are especially suited to these applications as they feature a range of nozzles to suit any specific purpose.

How Do Electric Pumps Work?

Electric fluid pumps are mechanical devices powered by electricity, with each pump submersible or semi-submersible in order to transfer the fluid. The size of a particular pump will vary according to its purpose, and there are just as many tiny electric pumps as there are huge industrial pumps.

Powered by electricity, the OSIP electropumps include a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A lot of electric pump designs feature a multistage centrifugal pump, usually operated from a perpendicular position. This means that when the shaft of the pump rotates, the impeller rotor turns along with it, which is the action that forces the fluid through the pump’s intake.

Pros and Cons of Industrial Electric Pumps

The advantages of using industrial electricity-powered pumps like OSIP electropumps include the wide range of options available to suit very specific purposes. Such pumps can be powered easily from the grid and do not require a special power supply.

There are controllers which allow the pump operator to see how much coolant is circulating through the application’s system, as well as the varying temperature fluctuations. This gives the operator much more control in order to avoid issues such as excessive or insufficient cooling.

One disadvantage of OSIP electropumps is that they are completely reliant on a source of electricity in order to perform. Any seals on submersible pumps will also need to be regularly checked for wear and tear.

If you require any OSIP electric pumps, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading OSIP electropumps supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world