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Spring tool balancers are the ideal aid for helping with the manoeuvre of awkward or heavy tools and machinery. Siraflex tool balancers are specifically designed to take the weight of the load and allow the operator to move it around with ease. This enables tasks which require heavy machinery to be completed quicker, safer and far more efficiently.

Here we take a look at some of the Siraflex spring balancers available through YB Components. The different flex types and load capacities mean the different models can be adapted for very different purposes.

Siraflex Type A – Steel Braided Nylon Coated Wire

There are two types of Siraflex Type A, and this first one consists of braided steel coated in nylon. Obviously it is the more rigid of the two Flex Type A products due to the steel braiding. Its composite housing is also resistant to high impacts, and there are several models which have differing load capacity ranges. The smallest of these is the SF05-1A model and features a load capacity range between 0.5 and 1kg. The largest is the SF2-35A which has a load capacity range between 2 and 3.5kg. All of the models come with a wire length of 2.3 metres.

This Siraflex spring tool balancer also comes with an ergonomic handgrip knob and features an adjustable spring load and adjustable rope stroke. As with all of the Siraflex tool balancers, this model conforms to all tool manufacturing CE directives.

Siraflex Type A – Nylon Braided Rope

The second type of Siraflex Type A is less rigid than the first as the braided cord is made of nylon rather than steel. It comes equipped with a composite housing that is high impact proof, while the various models within this flex type offer a range of load capacities. The smallest is the SF0-05 model and features load capacity maximum of just half a kilogram. The largest of the nylon braided Siraflex Type A spring tool balancers is the SF2-35 with a range between 2 and 3.5kg.

The spring load is adjustable as is the rope stroke, plus this version also comes with the ergonomic handgrip knob for ease of use. All CE directives regarding tool manufacture are conformed to.

Siraflex Type B – Steel Braided Nylon Coated Wire

The Type B of the Siraflex tool balancers are encased in a metal housing. This first version features a steel braided wire in a nylon coating, similar to the first Siraflex Type A product described above. The loads these Siraflex Type B models can handle are significantly increased from the Type A versions thanks to the metal housing. The smallest of these steel braided versions is the FLEX05-1A model which has a load capacity range between 0.5 and 1kg. The largest, model FLEX8-11A, has a range between 8 and 11kg.

The Siraflex Type B models also feature an adjustable spring load option and a removable handle for safety purposes. The rope stroke is also adjustable, while the entire piece has been manufactured in conformity with CE directives.

Siraflex Type B – Nylon Rope

The nylon rope version of the Siraflex Type B features similar specifications to the steel braided version, but this particular model is being phased out over the course of 2017 and will soon no longer be available once current stocks have been sold.

If you require any Siraflex spring tool balancers, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Sira suppliers who can ship them all over the world.