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Kumera clutches and gearboxes have been manufactured by Finland’s Kimura Corporation for well over three quarters of a century now, through which time they have developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality power transmission products.

Kumera’s dedicated division, the Power Transmission Group, produces a wide range of Kumera clutches and Kumera gearboxes for many different applications for all of the major processing industries. Here we highlight a few of the most popular Kumera clutches and gearboxes that are available through YB Components.

Kumera Clutches – One Stage Helical Gearboxes

The One Stage Helical Kumera Gearboxes are known as the LX Series and are specifically designed to be used with shafts that rotate quickly. There are sixteen gear unit sizes which meet the needs of a wide variety of torque ranges and ratio requirements. These Kumera clutches also include integrated lubrication canals and exceptionally accurate gear wheels that enable compact dimensions that have a high torque range up to 400 kNm. Another notable design integration is the labyrinth seals of these Kumera gearboxes which are maintenance free because there is no wear and tear caused by friction from the rotating shaft.

While there are many applications that the Kumera One Stage Helical Gearbox can be used for, it is ideally recommended for use in the pulp and paper industry, mining and mineral industry, as well as for a wide range of material handling systems.

Kumera Clutches – One Stage Bevel Gearboxes

Known as the KA or RA Series, these One Stage Bevel Kumera Gearboxes are usually required when the shaft line needs to turn at a ninety degree angle during operation. To aid with that part of the operation, the housing of this Kumera gearbox enables the insertion of both horizontal and vertical shafts. As with the helical model, this bevel version is also specifically designed to handle shafts with a quick rotation, particularly in pump applications. With only ten, this bevel range features less gearbox sizes than the helical version, but they are optimally arranged so that they meet the required torque ranges and ratio requirements of their intended applications.

Applications include pumps, blowers and pulp or paper machine drives. These One Stage Bevel Gearboxes are especially popular in the mining and mineral industry, especially for off-shore applications.

Kumera Clutches – Vertical Shaft Gearboxes

These Kumera gearboxes are specifically designed for vertical shaft applications that must be able to handle high external loads. There is a total of thirty gear unit sizes, incrementally divided to meet required all of the required torque ranges, ratios and even the end load requirements on the shafts. These Vertical Shaft Kumera Gearboxes are able to handle high external loads primarily because the output shaft, bearings and housing have been strengthened in order to withstand higher loads than the other Kumera clutches and gearboxes designs.

Additionally, some of Kumera’s Vertical Shaft Gearboxes can be fitted with a special flanged output shaft which enables the equipment to easily manage even the highest possible load capacities.

If you require any of the Kumera components available through YB Components, then contact us via our website as we the UK’s leading suppliers of Kumera clutches and gearboxes and we can ship these available Kumera components all over the world.