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Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders was founded back in 1963 by two brothers who began by producing simple products such as nuts, bolts and hose sockets in their small workshop. Just over a decade later and they had expanded the business so much that they became Turkey’s first pneumatic cylinders manufacturers.

Since then, Pemaks have grown into a global brand, exporting their pneumatic industrial parts across three continents, with the Pemaks parts becoming integral components of many of the world’s largest manufacturing business operations. They have achieved TSEK and ISO 9001 quality management certificates and continue to combine the most advanced technologies and up to date manufacturing techniques in a customer-focused approach which has enabled them to produce multiple products that have proven to be some of the most sought after on the market.

Pemaks Industrial Pneumatic Parts and Products

There are six main categories for the various pneumatic industrial parts designed and manufactured by Pemaks. Each of the pneumatic cylinders are designed to provide a fast and yet stable fixture for a wide variety of applications including those in the automotive and automation industries, the moulding industry, as well as many other heavy industrial applications which require a stable fixture. As well as being popular in heavier lifting applications and the likes of glass, iron and steel production, Pemaks pneumatic cylinders are also favoured in industries where speed of operation is crucial, such as for assembly and labelling lines.

The special metal seals designed for these Pemaks parts help protect the piston rods within the cylinders from damaging elements such as extreme cold in the form of frost or freezing liquids, as well as from hard particles which would otherwise have the potential to get inside and disrupt the performance of the industrial pneumatic parts. The ‘Rod Lock System’ of these Pemak pneumatic cylinders is another excellent safety feature which locks the central rod in place should a problem arise with the air system.

Each of the Pemaks parts listed below are able to be lubricated with extra grease without the need to disassemble the machines they are operating within, which helps enhance their operational capacities and provide a longer working life.

Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders – ISO 15552

The ISO-M series cylinders are designed to withstand all kinds of temperatures to provide higher efficiency with a longer working life.

Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders – CETOP RP 53P-43P

The PNS and PAG series cylinders have been constructed with the most difficult tasks in mind, featuring as they do adjustable cushioning options and heatproof seals around the piston rods.

Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders – ISO 6432

The Pemaks parts with the least heaviest structures are the PM, PMY, PMD, PMS, PME and PMYD series cylinders. Despite their lighter weights, they have still been designed to provide optimum performance for a variety of high speed applications.

Pemaks Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

The compact models are a simple combination of minimum size with maximum performance. They feature springs at the front or the back, and come with or without magnetic sensors according to the machinery’s requirements.

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