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Rectus Hose Coupling Designs   


The Rectus hose coupling is a quick connection device that lets you connect hoses easily and often with just one hand. There are various designs of the Rectus hose coupling so we will go through a few of them below.

Rectus Hose Coupling Type 20

There are two versions of the Type 20 hose coupling by Rectus, both of an extremely small design that maintain a high performance. The first features one-sided connections and the second has a double seal where the housing and male connecting part have a valve. Both Type 20s can be coupled and uncoupled with one hand.

Applications for the Type 20 Rectus hose coupling include industrial robotic machinery and medical or dental medicine machinery and instrumentation, as well as lubrication technologies and the likes of leak detectors.

Rectus Hose Coupling Type 21

There are also two versions of the Type 21 coupling, again with one featuring a one-sided connection, and another with a double seal on both the housing and male connector’s valve. Larger than then Type 20 but still small, Type 21 also maintains a high performance and can be coupled and uncoupled with one hand.

As well as the applications suitable for the Type 20, the Type 21 is also additionally used in applications such as compressed air tools and cooling installations.

Rectus Hose Coupling Type 25

The Type 25 hose coupling also comes with either a one-sided connection or a double seal, and has been built with an especially compact hose coupling design so that it is suitable for use with applications channelling air, liquids or gases.

The Type 25 also features the ULTRA-FLO valve, plus the housing element includes a shut-off valve, though the male connecting part does not have a shut-off valve. This design quirk works as the valves of the coupling and the hose connector both open when the parts are being coupled, but they close during the uncoupling process.

Rectus Hose Coupling Type 26

This coupling is only available with a one-sided connection. It is another high performance hose coupling and is suitable for applications channelling air, liquids and gases.

Similar to the Type 25, the housing element of the Type 26 has a shut-off valve while the male connecting part does not.

Rectus Hose Coupling Type 27

The high performing Type 27 is available with either a one-sided connection or a double seal and is also suitable for air, liquids or gases. It also features the ULTRA-FLO valve, with the housing element equipped with a shut-off valve.

Rectus Plastic Hose Coupling

The Type 48 plastic coupling features a spring made from VICTREX PEEK. This useful polymer is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic which enables such coupling products as the Rectus Type 48 hose coupling to achieve an excellent performance level and cope with a wide range of temperatures and other extreme or harsh conditions.

The plastic Type 70 hose coupling features an hydraulic double seal design and is made of the same materials as the Type 48.

As standard, the O-rings of the Type 48 and Type 70 Rectus hose couplings are made of Viton which is a high performance fluoroelastomer, though there are versions with O-rings made with other materials if required.

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