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Becker Pulleys: Asymmetric Adjustable Pulley Technology


The asymmetrical pulleys using the Becker System have a lot of advantages over other similar types of pulley technology. One of the main benefits is that Becker belts, including the asymmetrical V-belts, have a lower belt volume which creates a superior lateral rigidity as well as generating less heat during operation. This in turn results in a higher load capacity for Becker pulleys and ensures a significantly longer service life.

Asymmetric output pulleys can also be equipped with torque-dependent pressure cams to prevent slippage of the Becker belts during peak operational capacity and even during overload. This is achieved automatically as the pressure cams optimise the axial pressure of the V-belt.

There are four of the Becker pulleys available through Becker pulleys suppliers YB Components, so let’s take a quick look at them below.

Becker Double Pulley – RF-RFN

The asymmetrical drive unit RF-RFN is a mechanically adjustable and regulating pulley with the capacity for integral central adjustment. It is for applications with a motor rating between 0.37 and 45 kW and has been designed to be suitable for any reversing operations.

These Becker variable speed pulleys are spring-loaded and feature an increased diameter for lower output speeds. The axial pressure on the Becker belts is created by special compression springs whose characteristics have been dimensionally optimised.

Becker Double Pulley – RK-RKN

The RK-RKN asymmetrical drive is another mechanically adjustable and automatically regulating pulley that is equipped with an integral central adjustment capacity. Used with applications with a motor rating between 4 and 150 kW, these output Becker pulleys also feature an automatic torque-dependent pressure device.

Again the increased pulley diameter allows for lower output speeds, with this particular Becker pulley known for its high efficiency even when operating with partial loads. You can also used these Becker system pulleys with a high starting torque thanks to the superior overload safety feature.

Becker Single Pulleys – FG and GF

Both the FG and the GF asymmetrical single pulley drive units are spring-loaded regulating pulleys able to be F-mounted on a motor shaft. The FG Becker pulley is for operations with a motor rating between 0.75 and 45 kW, while the GF model is for applications with a motor rating between 1.1 and 45 kW.

Both feature a fixed-diameter driven pulley, usually mounted either on the machine itself or on the gear shaft. Plus both the FG and GF Becker pulleys include V-Belt axial pressure created by special compression springs that have had their dimensional characteristics optimised. The operator can also vary the speed of each of these Becker single pulleys within a 1:3 ratio simply by adjusting the centre-to-centre distance with a sliding motor base plate.

The FG single Becker pulley provides a high torque even at a low output speed, while the GF single Becker pulley provides a practically constant output power over the complete regulating range.

If you require any Becker pulleys or Becker variable speed belts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Becker pulleys suppliers.