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Laifual Drive Applications


The gear reducers that Laifual Drive manufacture are used in a wide variety of industries and for many different applications. Some of their products are hard at work in the aviation industry, as well as several others commonly used in the manufacture of communication equipment.

Here we will take a closer look at some of the other industries and applications where parts available through Laifual Drive suppliers are often used.


Industrial robots mostly consist of six main types, including cartesian, cylindrical, delta, polar, vertically articulated and SCARA. There are other types of robot configurations, but these six are the most common throughout the majority of industries using such robotics.

The Laifual Drive products used with such robots include the LSS and LSD Series as well as the LFS and LFS Integrated Series. You will also find the LHT and LHD Series along with the Laifual Planetary Gear Reducers also used in industrial robotics. The same Laifual Drive products are also used in the manufacture of humanoid robots.

Metal-working Machines

Automated metal-working machines such as lathes, shapers and planers can be found with Laifual Drive components, though they are especially common in milling and grinding machines as well as in drill presses. The Laifual products most commonly used with metal-working machines are the LSS and LSD Series and the Planetary Gear Reducers.

Medical Equipment

There is a wide variety of medical equipment which relies on Laifual Drive products such as the LSS Series and the LFS or LFS Integrated Series, or the LHT Series and LHD Series. Obviously with medical equipment it is paramount that the individual components are completely reliable and produce a consistent performance, which is why Laifual Drive gears and reducers are popular.

Energy Industry

Laifual Drive suppliers also provide parts for use with machinery in the energy industry, specifically with wind turbines. As the wind blows across the propeller-like blades of the turbine, they rotate around a rotor which in turn spins a generator, which is what creates the electricity. You can find Laifual Planetary Gear Reducers and the LSS Series helping generate electricity through wind power.

Paper Machinery

Paper machinery such as the famous Fourdrinier machine need multiple gear and gear reducer components such as those that Laifual Drive manufacture. These machines don’t just produce standard paper, but also paperboard and other fibreboards.

The Fourdrinier machine consists of a looped belt that moves on its loop endlessly while in operation. The belt will usually be made of a plastic screen, though there are other types. The screen is soaked with a mixture of pulp and water, with the excess water draining off to leave the pulp which becomes the paper or paper product.

The most common products supplied to the paper-making industry by Laifual Drive suppliers are the LSS, LSD and the LHT Series.

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