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PMI Linear Bearings MSA Series


Formerly known as the AMT linear bearings manufacturer, PMI Linear Motion Systems design and build many of the industrial market’s highest quality linear bearings. Here we focus on one selection of their products, namely the MSA Series.

The MSA Series includes models with product codes such as MSA15ESSFCN, MSA20ESSFCN, MSA25ESSFCN and MSA30ESSFCN, which are linear bearing products designed especially for heavy loads.

PMI Bearings – MSA Series

The MSA Series of PMI linear bearings feature trains of balls that are designed with a special contact angle of 45 degrees which enables them to bear equal loads in all directions, including radial, reversed radial and lateral. This design quirk allows products such as the MSA20ESSFCN to be applied in any installation direction.

Linear bearings in the MSA Series can also reliably produce a well balanced pre-load that allows the operator to increase the rigidity in four different directions while maintaining a low frictional resistance. This ensures high precision as well as enabling high rigidity motion when required.

The proprietary way the lubricant is used in these linear bearing products such as MSA25ESSFCN ensures it is evenly distributed during each circulation loop. This unique method guarantees the ideal amount of lubrication is used in any installation direction, which in turn maximises the performance, operational accuracy and reliability, as well as preserving its service life for as long as possible.

Characteristics of PMI-AMT Linear Bearings

PMI bearings are built to have high rigidity, easily handling a four-way equal load. They come with a self-alignment capability which makes working with them a much easier task than with other inferior types of linear bearings. Models such as the MSA30ESSFCN are also renowned for their smooth movement with low noise and for exceptional interchangeability.

The MSA-A bearings are installed only from the top side of the carriage, whereas the MSA-E model offers the installation either from top or bottom side. The MSA-LA features the same design as the MSA-A but with longer dimensions, and the MSA-LE is a longer and more rigid version of the MSA-E heavy load linear bearing model. The square design that features smaller width and is installed from the top side of carriage is the MSA-S, with the longer and more rigid version being the MSA-LS.

PMI-AMT Linear Bearings Suppliers

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