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Agricultural Bearings and Couplings Suppliers


The agricultural industry relies on a lot of machinery maintaining a high level of performance to keep operations running smoothly. This means the components that the machines themselves rely upon must be of the highest quality and fit for purpose, meeting all the requirements of their agricultural applications.

YB Components have spent years sourcing the highest performing bearing and coupling products and are the UK’s leading agricultural bearing supplier. Yorkshire-based, we are able to ship products all over the world as quickly as possible. Any businesses located near the local stocks can expect especially fast delivery with orders being shipped out on the very same day they are made wherever possible.

High Quality Agricultural Machine Components

By maintaining the quality of individual components in agricultural machinery, the machine’s service life will be maximised. As the leading agricultural coupling supplier Leeds and Yorkshire has to offer, we ensure the bearings we supply have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding agricultural equipment. This means the optimisation of power transmission and operational speed as well as a wide variety of dimensions. By integrating only the highest quality components, you automatically increase the performance of the machines.

The couplings and bearings supplied by YB Components are designed for all kinds of agricultural machines and environments, helping to improve the performance of agricultural equipment by only integrating products that have been specially designed for those particular applications.

Another benefit of peak performance is the lower cost of maintenance. As a agricultural coupling supplier, Yorkshire’s own YB Components has sourced couplings and bearings that have been developed to have a greater robustness and reliability, able to withstand harsh environments and extended periods of intensive work.

Tractor Transmission Bearings Suppliers

YB Components supply tractor bearings designed specifically for transmissions that meet the specific needs of the different functions among the variety of tractor transmissions and wheel axles. This includes the drive pinion where it might be necessary to make use of steep-angled and tapered roller bearings that feature reduced friction torque that will allow the rotational speed to increase to a higher level than ordinary industrial bearings will allow. Another example might be rear axle wheel bearings that require similar tapered roller bearings but with an optimised internal design that limits the edge loads created by the deflections and misalignments of the axle shaft, especially when manoeuvring with an especially heavy load.

As an experienced agricultural coupling supplier, YB Components can identify such ideal solutions for your agricultural needs, whether it is front axle wheel bearings with a slim angular contact that boost the machine’s rigidity in enclosed spaces, or a movement constraint for a gearbox that must produce a powerful performance using something like deep groove ball bearings.

If you require an agricultural bearing supplier in Leeds or the surrounding areas, or indeed anywhere in the UK and around the world, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading agricultural coupling supplier. Yorkshire-based customers will of course benefit from extra fast delivery!