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Wanshsin gear motor manufacturers make gearboxes and reducer motors for a variety of applications in factories, engineering, logistics, distribution, agricultural and many other types of industry. Their products are well known for their long lifespans and relatively little noise during operation. Here we take a closer look at some of their reducer motors.

Wanshsin Medium Gear Reducer Motors

There are six variants of the Wanshsin parts known as medium gear reducers, with three each of the vertical and horizontal models. There are also one or three phase versions, with some models available as either. Other models offer mounting and functional options such as Horizontal, Vertical Drop Box or High Ratio.

The GH Horizontal model has a power rating of 0.1kW to 7.5kW and a ratio of 1/3 to 1/50,000. The voltage for the 1-phase version is 220v, and 220V to 380V for the 3-phase version. There is also the GHM Horizontal gear reducer and GDV Horizontal gear reducer, the latter of which has a terminal box position view from the output shaft direction.

Other categories of the Wanshsin medium gear reducers include single phase motors such as their Horizontal Brake reducers, Vertical Normal and Vertical Brake reducers, plus the special Vertical Hand Releasing Brake reducers.

Stand-alone options in the medium-sized gear reducer category are Biaxial Type and Straight Junction reducers. These two do not come in any great variety and usually serve very specific functions in their respective applications.

Wanshsin Micro Gear Reducer Motors

There is the Standard Micro gear motor, plus another Standard option that comes with an eared gearbox and one that comes with a right angled solid gearbox. Other options in Wanshsin’s compact gear selection include one with a right angled hollow gearbox, plus AC motors with either round shafts or gear shafts. Also available are three models of Micro Gear Motor-Speed Controllers.

Wanshin Planetary Gear Reducer Motors

The main Planetary reducer motors manufactured by Wanshsin are those in the WME Series as well as the WML Series of spur gear reducers. There is also the compact WSF Series and WAB Series. They are all maintenance-free and highly efficient geared motors which make little noise during operation. They also boast a long life expectancy.

Wanshsin Parts Distributors

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