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Enemac Couplings and Torque Limiters


Enemac are a German-based clutch and coupling manufacturer who also specialise in the design and production of other specialist shaft locking devices such as torque limiters. They have been producing high quality industrial components ever since their founding in 1981, and their products are now used all over the world in thousands of different applications. Here we take a closer look at the Enemac coupling and Enemac torque limiter products.

Enemac Couplings

The Enemac couplings suit a variety of shafts. They are compensating couplings which are specifically designed to be backlash-free with a conformal transfer between torques, which basically means they are extremely reliable and will maintain their positional accuracy throughout the operation. There are several different kinds of Enemac coupling, as described below, but each model will have a high torsional rigidity.

The Enemac couplings known as Metal Bellows have been some of the most popular over the years, but the other designs have attributes that will be more useful in different situations. For example, the Jaw and Oldham couplings feature electrical insulation and have vibration damping attributes. There is also a range of miniature Enemac couplings as well as some heavy duty multi-plate Enemac coupling designs.

The classic Metal Bellows coupling comes in both stainless steel and pluggable versions, and is generally used for torques up to 4,000Nm and with operating temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. As mentioned, the Jaw and Oldham couplings feature vibration damping and electrical insulation and can be used with torque speeds up to 30,000rpm.

The miniature versions of the Metal Bellows, Jaw and Oldham Enemac couplings are used with torques from 0.4Nm and with shaft diameters no smaller than 3mm. The multi-plate couplings are for heavy duty applications only and can be used with either a single or double engagement, the latter of which allows for torques up to 65,000Nm

Enemac Torque Limiters

Enemac’s special torque limiting product design uses specially selected high-quality materials, as well as an exacting testing procedure and precision manufacturing technique.

The Enemac torque limiters have many different applications but primarily help minimise wear and tear and thus reduce the cost of repairs. They help avoid mechanical stoppages by employing Enemac torque limiting overload protection technology. If a disruption in the operation should occur, the Enemac torque limiter will quickly bring the drive train to a halt. This action safely diverts any damaging torque peaks or inertial forces.

The Enemac torque limiters are made entirely out of stainless steel, which makes them perfect  for use in a variety of torque restriction applications. Enemac’s shaft locking devices  are used far and wide in many different industries, including the production and packing of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and medical technology. They are often employed as safety and overload couplings for both direct and indirect drives.

Other notable features of the Enemac torque limiters include being designed to eliminate backlash and operate at torque capacities that reach up to 23,000Nm.

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