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Lamaflex Sheet Couplings for Flexibility

Lamaflex sheet couplings are flexible disc-style couplings that can be used to link machine shafts in order to compensate for the small shaft misalignments while still generating low restorative forces.

Here we will look at the benefits of using Lamaflex flexible sheet couplings and explain how they solve the problem of shaft misalignment.

Why Use Lamaflex Flexible Sheet Couplings?

You should use Lamaflex sheet couplings when you need to transmit torque from one part of rotating equipment to another part, while at the same time allowing for significant misalignment between the driving shaft and the driven shaft.

The products available through Lamaflex sheet couplings supplier YB Components are made predominantly with steel to create a torsionally rigid coupling. The flexibility of Lamaflex sheet couplings comes from thin metallic discs that flex to accommodate misalignment during operation. The flexibility of Lamaflex sheet couplings is enabled by these thin metallic discs and they are held together by a socket and a ring. This allows them to expand slightly during misalignment in order to absorb the vibrations and shock loads coming from the driving shaft.

The rigid housing along with the flexible discs make these flexible couplings ideal for connecting pumps, compressors, electric motors and many other types of machinery.

Coupling Misalignment Explained

Coupling misalignment is a natural occurrence when two separate shafts are connected with torque being transmitted from one to the other. The misalignment that occurs is generally angular, and operators of the equipment will usually measure the angular misalignment in degrees (also known as angular units). Exactly how much misalignment occurs will differ from one piece of equipment to another and will ultimately be determined by the application’s operation.

Factors that can increase misalignment include a lack of precision during installation, as well as the coupling design itself. Some flexible coupling designs may allow the shafts to misalign more than other types of coupling, as this may be beneficial to the overall performance of a particular application.

Another variable involved is the temperature fluctuations that occur during operation, as well as the general changes that happen when an application moves from its non-operating state into operation.

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