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Top Six Ways to Avoid Needing Gearbox Repair Services


The lifespan of industrial gearboxes will obviously vary according to the design and quality of the build, but another determiner of gearbox longevity is the level of care and maintenance it receives. There will be some models of gearboxes manufacture that are difficult to maintain optimally due to difficulty of access, but as they are one of the most important components of machines in a wide number of industries, it is important to understand how to maximise their lifespan.

Requiring a gearbox repair service means downtime for the machinery, which means less productivity for the company on the whole. To help prevent this, here is a list of six of the best ways to avoid needing to call in any gearbox repair services.

Check the Gearbox Ratings

The gearboxes of your machinery should all be operating within the capacity they were designed for. Any increase of power either mechanical or thermal can result in overload which wears out the gearbox much faster than it should.

Keep All Gearbox Components Clean

Dust and dirt that builds up over time can seriously reduce the effectiveness of a gearbox, plus it can cause some designs to overheat during operation. Always implement a regular dust and dirt cleaning strategy.

Seal the Shafts Completely

Any leakage of oil from the input or output shaft can lead to damage which shortens the lifespan of the gearbox, causing a company to require repair services which shouldn’t have been necessary. When seals are leaking, it also means dust and dirt and able to enter inside the gearbox.

Use Filters and Breathers Wherever Possible

Actively prevent dust, dirt and any other damaging debris from entering the interior through the gearbox breather by using a filter to ensure it is kept clean as often as possible. Most gearboxes will keep running smoothly without any outside interference from the likes of dust and debris, so always seek to minimise the amount of dirt that can interfere with the gearbox’s inner workings.

Lubricate When Necessary

Different gearbox models have different lubrication needs, so find out exactly what each design requires and ensure its lubrication needs are met. A lack of necessary lubrication will severely damage a gearbox and reduce its lifespan, as will the unnecessary over-lubrication of models that are designed to operate with little to no oil or grease.

Avoid Overheating

Identify any indication that the gearbox is overheating by looking out for any discoloured or burnt areas, or oil that is of a darker shade that it used to be. The gearbox temperature should be constantly monitored if possible, or at the very least checked on a regular basis. Identifying an issue such as gearbox overheating can be the difference between the machine needing maximum or minimum downtime during a repair service. Catching the problem as early as possible means you can use a gearbox repair service before the issue requires a major repair.

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