Industrial Gearbox Maintenance Checklist

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While a gearbox repair service like that provided by YB Components can be very helpful, it is usually better to avoid working a gearbox into a state of disrepair in the first place. Here we run through a gearbox maintenance checklist so you can keep your industrial gearboxes running smoothly for as long as possible.

Visual Inspection

The first item on any gearbox maintenance list will be a basic visual inspection. You should carry out visual inspections of all your gearboxes regularly to spot early signs of oil leakage, either on the input or output shafts. Also inspect any paintwork as discolouration could be an indication of overheating which is going to lead to problems down the road, so to speak.

General Cleaning

Cleaning your gearboxes regularly also needs to be on any checklist, as they are usually operating in environments featuring a lot of dust and dirt. Without a frequent cleaning schedule, contaminants can get into the geared motor unit and cause issues, plus allowing dust to settle will raise the heat levels and lead to overheating. You can monitor the gearbox’s heat levels with an infrared gun which will show you if there are any noticeable changes that may indicate a problem.


Always lubricate the relevant gearbox components with the right type of lubricant. The manufacturer should have set out specific lubrication instructions which you can find out about either directly from the manufacturer or from a specialist gearbox supplier like YB Components.

Vibration Analysis

Listening closely to the gearbox in operation can reveal any issues with excessive vibrations. However, a vibration analysis tool can be very useful, especially in a noisy environment where listening to the sound of the gearbox isn’t a viable option. The main components to analyse for vibrations are the bearings and internal gears, as any sudden increases in the amount of vibration will most likely be due to an issue that needs resolving.

Backlash and Endplay

Use a dial indicator to check backlash as any increase in backlash strongly indicates that the gear teeth have suffered significant wear and tear. Also use the dial monitor to check up on the endplay, as any endplay increase indicates excessive wear and tear on either the bearing or housings.

You should also monitor the input and output shafts to see if they are lifting or moving in ways that are not normal. Damage to the bearings or the housing of the bearings will cause unusual movements during operation. Regular use of a dial indicator will keep you informed of all backlash increases and irregular shaft movements.

Gearbox Ratings

Some gearboxes may suffer excessive wear and tear due to the demands placed upon them changing over time. It is possible that gearboxes performing poorly for this reason can be revitalised by a gearbox repair service, but first you should check the gearbox ratings to make sure the gearbox is actually operating within the manufacturer’s original specifications and power input.

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