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Bonora Components for Industrial Pumps

The various Motori Bonora components for pumps include designs specifically for liquid pumps, air pumps and vacuums, as well as sewage pumps, and pumps for heating and ventilation. These Bonora components are all available through Bonora suppliers YB Components, along with all their other components designed for other application fields.

Many of the motor models for pump applications feature a reduced axial clearance and strict tolerances on the couplings, as these characteristics are often required by electric motors for specialist industrial pumps.

Here we look closer at some of the specifications for Motori Bonora components that have been designed for industrial pumps.

Bonora Components for Liquid Pumps

These motors for sewage or liquid pumps are equipped with a single-phase magnetic core for specific voltages. They have a high starting torque but do not require a circuit breaker, and feature a special stainless steel shaft and pump housing.

Technical specifications include the single-phase magnetic core having been designed using specific software, notably for 230V 50Hz and 115 60Hz networks. These motors can also operate without ventilation, particularly in service S3-50% (60 start/h), as well as when three-quarters submerged in liquid at 40 degrees Celsius.

Bonora Components for Vacuum Pumps

The vacuum pump components by Motori Bonora boast a wide voltage range, and operate with a significantly reduced noise and minimal vibration. The axial mechanical clearance has also been reduced to an absolute minimum, while the motor has been designed to enable the user to have an IE3-efficient electric motor suitable for the European market, with Premium certification and efficiency for the U.S. market.

The Bonora motor for vacuums is suitable for multiple sub-applications including inverters, frequent start/stop operations, and in extreme temperatures such as those in tropical climates. The motor also comes in two versions, namely AISI 316 and AISI 420, and each has been tested with advanced software, equipment and measuring instruments to ensure maximum compliance with the agreed tolerances.

Other Bonora Component Applications

Among other application fields such as textile, food processing and dry-cleaning machines, plus zootechnics and automation, there are also Motori Bonora components for woodworking machinery. The primary model is tubular and has been designed to operate without cooling fins which means it does not require ventilation. This is thanks to the specially-built magnetic core and shaft which make it ideal for wood machinery applications.

Technical specifications of these Bonora components also include a motor with a compact diameter that has been equipped with a special B14 flange and a special extension for the shaft. The terminal box has been located on the rear cover to enable the mounting requirements.

If you require any Motori Bonora components for liquid pumps or any of the other application fields, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Bonora suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.