Guide to Anti-Vibration Mounts   

AMC Mecanocaucho Anti Vibration Technology

Anti-vibration mounts such as those manufactured by AMC Mecanocaucho are quite simple in their purpose, and their name sums up exactly what they do. They are special mounts that eliminate vibration, and thus primarily consist of a heavy duty rubber material.

What Are Anti-Vibration Mounts

These often vital components are most commonly used as feet bolted on underneath an application that generates vibrations during operation, although anti-vibration mounts can be fixed elsewhere such as on the side of a vibrating application positioned against an adjacent wall.

Anti-vibration mounts help protect the structures surrounding the application from the effects of vibration, which is especially useful with heavy duty machinery. These special mounts also protect the application itself from excessive wear and tear.

You can find the likes of an AMC anti-vibration mount being used with a variety of applications such as power generators, compressors, air conditioners and medical equipment, as well as in a wide range of industrial machinery. In fact, the many different designs of anti-vibration mounts available demonstrates their versatility and popularity. You can find an anti-vibration mount for any machine in pretty much any industry, with the various models offering different cost-effective benefits.

If you are not sure which anti-vibration mount to choose for your application, speak with the experts at YB Components who can recommend the ideal mount for your machine as well as offer any installation advice.

How Industrial Anti-Vibration Mounts Work

The majority of anti-vibration mounts will be made primarily with heavy-duty rubber or similar such material which can absorb vibrations, shocks and impacts. With the correct number of mounts affixed to the application, the vibrations generated through its operation will be easily absorbed and dampened by the rubbery material and thus protect both the surrounding structures and the application itself.

The material qualities in products such as an AMC anti-vibration mount also greatly reduce the noise generated by the application.

AMC Anti-Vibration Mount Designs

The BRB anti-vibration mounts consist of a captive mount design which is suitable for applications where vibration isolation is a priority. The BRB includes high profile rubber sections which produce larger deflections and low natural frequencies, making this range of mounts suitable for applications where vibration isolation is a priority. This includes operations with rotating or mobile machines that are continuously subjected to shocks. The BRBX model is similar to the BRB but made with stainless steel.

BSB anti-vibration mounts are engine mounts that are best suited to the isolation of mobile rotating machines that require movement controls as well as balanced values of vibration. This type of AMC anti-vibration mount is especially applicable for applications that require stability as a priority.

The MD anti-vibration mounts from AMC Mecanocaucho are made with a special compound mix that provides this model with a high degree of anti-vibration isolation while providing excellent stability to suspended equipment.

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