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Explaining different types of industrial clutches


It’s no secret that whether it’s a Planox clutch, Desch clutches, or any type of clutch, selecting the right industrial clutch for a particular job requires a degree of technical expertise. As there are many different types of clutches in existence, choosing the right one can be easier said than done. YB Components, specialists in industrial parts, explore what the different types of clutches are and what they are used for.

Industrial Toothed Clutches

Industrial Toothed Clutches are used in a number of industries for different applications. These types of clutches are typically used when operating machinery in wet conditions as they comprise of locking of the stationery coil body.

Air Cooled Clutch

As Drive Line Inc highlights in its article on the ‘6 major types of industrial clutches and brakes’, the Air Cooled Clutch is one of the main types of industrial clutches. This sort of clutch is designed to perform sufficiently in a number of industrial applications.

Torque Limiting Clutches

Torque Limiting Clutches are essentially used as a safety device in order to give protection to large components and prevent them from overloading. These types of industrial clutches are used to protect shafts, gears and other internal components from breakage and overload.

Torque Limiting Clutches are adjustable to adapt to the variations in slipping torque. There are multiple springs within the clutch produces the actuation pressure.

The Expanding Clutch

Another clutch mentioned in Drive Line Inc’s feature on clutches and brakes is the Expanding Clutch. As the article describes, expanding clutches are the ‘go-to solutions for tensioning and braking applications.’

Electromagnetic Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches operate electrically whilst transmitting torque mechanically. This type of industrial clutch became extremely popular more than six decades ago but have been significantly modified in their design over the years. The basic principle of electromagnetic clutches has remained the same.

Safety Clutches

As the Narsipur Group advises, safety clutches are utilised to protect large components from overloading inside machinery and tools. By eliminating torque peaks, safety clutches are proven to be a successful safety feature of equipment and machinery.

Whether it’s Desch, Enemac, Falk, Jaure, Kauermann, Kumera, Sit, Tschan, or many other makes of industrial components, if you require specialist clutches, couplings or universal joints, YB Components are likely to have the right component for you.

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