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Working with geared motors


From Bauer gearboxes to Heynau geared motors, Pujol gearboxes to Spaggiari geared motors, there of hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers across the globe. There are also hundreds of applications that require the use of industrial gearboxes and motors. Whether you are a novice at working with gear motors or are an experienced gearbox operator, you may want to take a look at the following advice on what to look out for when working with gearboxes and motors.

Determine the required torque

As we wrote in an earlier blog, regardless of whether you are operating a Liming gearbox or a Parallel shift gearbox, understanding the torque in relation to industrial gearboxes and geared motors is important.

As Machine Design advises, the purpose of a geared motor is to “act as a power transmission component” and that geared motors typically serve to reduce a motor’s speed and increase its torque.

Machine Design advises designers to determine exactly what torque is required at the output shaft of the gearbox and then work backwards in order to understand what motor input horsepower is required.

Improving geared motors’ energy efficiency

We all want our industrial gearboxes and geared motors to work at their optimum efficiency, regardless of whether they are a Zurrer gearbox, a Liming geared motor, or any other type industrial gears. According to Machine Design it is, in some cases, possible to increase a gearbox’s efficiency by replacing a (PSC) permanent split motor with a permanent magnet dc motor (PMDC).

The choice of oil can also have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of geared motors.  Gear Solutions quotes Kluber Lubrication who says OEMs who select the right gear oil will achieve lower operating temperatures and wear rates and ultimately greater energy efficiency.

“Typically, end user rely on their OEMs to determine the best gear oil, so it is important for OEMs to value gear oil as a machine element much in the same way they value hardness of the gears, bearing selection, materials, and geometry,” writes Gear Solutions.

Make sure you don’t oversize or undersize the geared motor

As well as selecting the right oil for your Spaggiari geared motor unit, your Zurrer worm gears, or any type of industrial gearbox or geared motors, it is important not to oversize the geared motor, as one of the most common mistake related to geared motors is improper sizing.

As Machine Design rightly advises, undersizing can quickly lead to early motor failure whilst oversizing can create inefficiency.

For more tips and advice about industrial components and how to maintain them, keep returning to our regularly updated blog. Meanwhile if you require any special industrial parts locating or gearbox repair services get in touch with YB Components, industrial component specialists.