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Explaining Continental ContiTech


It’s difficult to travel anywhere in this world using any form of transportation without encountering products manufactured by Continental AG. The German manufacturing giant produces so many major and minor components for the automotive and transportation industries that their influence can often seem ubiquitous.


Of course, one of the major factors behind their expansive reach is the superior quality of the parts they produce, such as the Continental Variflex Z Belt, which is worth a mention here as it is one of the variety of Continental-made components which can be acquired through YB Components.


The Continental Variflex Z Belt is probably better described as the ContiTech Variflex Z Belt, as the sub-division responsible for the belt’s manufacture operates entirely separately from Continental’s other divisions. The ContiTech division by itself is actually one of the world’s leading producers of technical rubber and elastomer products. They specialise in the development of rubber, elastomer and plastics technology, creating a huge variety of functional components for an impressive array of industries.


Applications of the ContiTech Variflex Z Belt


Continental Variflex Belts are often utilised in machine systems for the likes of plant engineering and mining, as well as being their classic contribution to the automotive and transportation industries. However, these aren’t even nearly the only industries where the likes of ContiTech’s Variflex Belts and other products are used.


One of the primary purposes of ContiTech products is for the Aerospace industry, where ContiTech’s elastomers and rubber products can be found in the floor coverings used in both Airbus and Boeing aeroplanes. Variflex rubber has also been employed for aircraft ground fuelling hoses, as well as in various other equipment using hydraulic hoses. You’ve probably also seen the folding bellows used on the mobile boarding bridges passengers use to enter the planes directly from the terminal, many of which are courtesy of ContiTech. Perhaps most impressively of all, ContiTech have also developed a control diaphragm which regulates fuel delivery for the Ariane satellite launching rocket.


It’s not just cars and planes that ContiTech produce parts for, as they dabble in a few items that help the ship-building industry to be safer and as well as more comfortable. While ContiTech Variflex Z Belts are not in huge demand at sea, the same Variflex rubber is used to produce fuel hose lines and oil and hydraulic hose lines on large freighters. They also manufacture parts for lifeboats, indirectly helping to save lives when things go awry at sea.


Continental Variflex Belts at YB Components


Whether you are working on launching a new satellite or simply trying to get your industrial machinery to operate reliably, you can peruse the various Continental Variflex Belts supplied by YB Components on the Special Parts section of the website and use the ENQUIRE function to get the price of the products you require. The part identification number is listed on the left and it couldn’t be easier to message YB Components themselves via the built-in message function.


Alternatively, if you require any Continental Variflex Belts such as the ContiTech Variflex Z Belt, you can simply contact YB Components directly who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.