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V-Belt Feature: Megadyne Variable Speed Belt


There is quite a good selection of high quality variable speed belts to choose from, so it’s a good idea to know what level of performance you require before perusing the options. All types of varisect belts or V-belts, as they are sometimes called, will be designed for variable speed transmissions in order to provide the operator with a wider variety of driven speeds. However, there can be one or two, if not several, key differences between the products which may influence a purchase decision.


For example, certain brands might produce a variable speed belt that has smoother or longer lasting characteristics than other brands, while another V-belt manufacturer might produce a version that is less smooth but has better static dissipation than other types. Some designs feature a specially designed sidewall which helps it create a superior grip during operation, while other designs yet focus specifically on reliable performance and resistance to wear and tear.


Variable Speed Belt Designs


In light of these differences, we will be producing several articles in which we can focus on one brand each time and inform our readers of that V-Belt’s design specifics as well as the company behind it.


There’s no need to wait for future blog posts to see the other variable speed belts available through YB Components as you can check the Special Parts section of this website to see many more. In this special feature article here we will focus on the Megadyne variable speed belt as it is one of the best and most well known V-belt designs.


The Megadyne Group


The Megadyne Group originated back in 1957 as a small family business manufacturing a range of flat rubber drive belts. The company began to expand during the 1980s with the advent of polyurethane materials and has continued to go from strength to strength ever since. Megadyne now has manufacturing plants on three different continents.


These days they are primarily renowned for developing power transmission belt designs and complete belt systems for a wide variety of different machine types. They also manufacture thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, pulleys, clamping plates and timing bars, as well as their high quality Megadyne variable speed belt.


The Megadyne Variable Speed Belt


The Megadyne variable speed belt or varisect belt features exact speed control and one of the smoothest drives possible. The sidewalls feature a special raw edge which affords the belt a superior gripping action, while the rubber material used is resistant to the likes of oil and grease as well as many harmful environmental factors. The Megadyne variable speed belt is guaranteed a long life thanks to a strong resistance to ear and tear, and the static dissipation qualities are consistant and reliable.


While there are other V-belt designs which will place a higher priority on one feature over others, the Megadyne variable speed belt is one of the most reliable all round V-belt designs on the market.


If you require any Megadyne variable speed belts, then contact YB Components who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.