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90 years of Bauer Gear Motors


Bauer Gear Motor has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient geared-motor units for over ninety years now, though they have undergone a fair few changes along the way. Originally a family business with the head of the company directly descending from their forebear, the company has always focused on the quality of their geared-motor unit products.


While many folks these days likely just want the product and care little for the story behind it, we like to keep ourselves aware of how a business came to be so well regarded around the world. And for Bauer, that story is quite a long one, though we will try and keep it brief just to give you an overview.


A Brief History of Bauer, Danfoss Bauer and Bauer Gear Motor


It was all the way back in 1927 when a certain Wilhelm Bauer founded his own electric motor business, setting up a factory about ten kilometres south of Stuttgart in southern Germany. At the time, Bauer was developing his own gear motor design with the intention of it operating with a high-speed electric motor controlled by a gearbox. Almost a decade later, Wilhelm’s son Eberhaud took over operational command of the company, though of course the onset of the Second World War would bring new product development to something of a halt.


In the aftermath of the war, Eberhaud oversaw a rapid expansion of the business across Germany, which soon led to mass production of Bauer gear-motors. By 1950 the Bauer brand was launched internationally.


Due to the production costs of opening and maintaining new factories in Germany during the 1960s and especially the 1970s, Bauer began to focus more and more on their burgeoning subsidiaries abroad. After Eberhaud’s death in 1984, his son and Wilhelm’s grandson took the reins of the company and continued where his predecessor had left off, ensuring that by 1987, Bauer had founded a total of eleven international subsidiaries.


In 1999, the company would undergo radical change when it merged with Danish company, Danfoss. As many in the industry likely already know, the combined business would be known as Danfoss Bauer for many years as they continued to enhance their reputation around the world for manufacturing some of the highest quality and energy efficient gear-motors on the market. Despite some ups and downs along the way, the business did well overall and eventually an announcement was made in 2011 which declared that the company would be undergo yet another name change, this time returning to its Bauer-concentrated roots.


Thus, in the years since, the company has been known as Bauer Gear Motor, while the same standard of quality is still expected and delivered in their products.


Bauer Gear Motor Products


Probably their best selling and most economical geared-motor unit is the Helical-Geared Motor BG series. Bauer also produce the Worm-Geared Motor BS Series which is particularly easy to install even in the tightest applications. There’s also the Bauer Aseptic Drive, which is an excellent combination of a smooth-surfaced asynchronous motor and a gearbox from the famous Bauer 2000 range.


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