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Aokman Shaft-Mounted Gearboxes


The Aokman shaft-mounted gearboxes available through Aokman Drive distributors are designed to be tough and durable. There are three series featuring shaft-mounted versions, and here will take a closer look at each of them.

ATA Series Shaft-Mounted Gearbox

The ATA Series of Aokman shaft-mounted gearboxes is designed for quarry and mine applications and produces fantastic reliability with a low maintenance requirement. The robust and sturdy ductile iron housing is ideally suited for outdoor installation, and it comes with up to three optional output shaft bore diameters.

The output shaft can rotate in two directions, with clockwise the default setting while counter-clockwise is the customisable setting. There is an optional backstop for all models in the ATA Series apart from the ATA30, which prevents back-driving when used with incline conveyors.

With dimensions the same as the Bonfiglioli from the TA Series, the ATA Series features a double-lipped oil seal that is also dust-proof.

Applications of the ATA Series include it being widely used in belt conveyor and pulley drive systems, especially in the material handling industry, including quarrying and mining. As well as in different kinds of mining equipment, you will see the ATA Series at work at concrete batching plants, in stone crushing equipment and in sand-making production lines.

SMR Series Shaft-Mounted Gearbox

Available through Aokman Drive distributors, the SMR Series of Aokman shaft-mounted gearboxes is exceptionally sturdy and durable thanks to the high strength build of its gears and shafts. It can come with one of two different metric output shaft bore diameters. It also has the optional backstop to prevent back-driving on incline conveyors, although the backstop is not recommended for the Gear Ratio 5.

The double-lipped skeleton oil seal is also dust-proof, with the oil bath and splash lubrication methods advised using either mineral oil or synthetic oil. It is not recommended to use extreme pressure oil unless the backstop is present.

Applications of the SMR Series include many belt conveyor and pulley drive systems, as well as conveyors in industries such as mining and quarrying. These Aokman shaft-mounted gearboxes are also popular in gravel transport and animal feeding, as well as in baggage and bulk handling.

ZJY Series Shaft-Mounted Gearbox Reducer

The ZJY Series of Aokman shaft-mounted gearbox reducers is also very sturdy and durable thanks to the high strength build of the housing, gears and shafts. It features a bi-directional rotation for the output shaft, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, although single-directional rotation must be equipped if it is being operated with a backstop to prevent back-driving on incline conveyors.

Recommended lubrication includes the oil bath and splash methods, with common applications of the ZJY Series including belt conveyors, scraper conveyors and bucket elevators.

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