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Agricultural Motors and Gearboxes


Agricultural machinery covers a lot of different types of equipment, and keeping it performing optimally will likely requires the services of an agricultural motors supplier. Yorkshire’s YB Components supply all of the motors and agricultural gearboxes that may be needed, including the best brands from around the world.

Let’s look closer at some common agricultural equipment and how they need motors and gears to operate.

Plantingand Seeding Equipment

Step motors and brush DC and brushless DC motors are frequently used with planting and seeding equipment in the agricultural industry. They also help produce more precision when it comes to planting, especially with other advancements and technologies such as soil mapping data linking to GPS technology. The precision of the motorised dispersion of the seeds enables the planter to maximise crop yields by fully optimising the seed spread.

We can’t help with the seed mapping, but as a UK agricultural motors supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components have all the replacement motors you may need for your planting and seeding operations.

Irrigation and Fertilization Equipment

There is a lot of smart technology used these days in quite a lot of irrigation and fertilisation equipment, which help make the most efficient and effective use of water and chemicals. Modern techniques try to target only the crops that require watering or treatment, which helps produce higher yields while conserving resources.

As an agricultural gearbox supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components provide plenty of gearboxes along with motors, drives, and gear actuator solutions for many different irrigation and fertilisation applications including sprayers and their pumps, control systems and wheel drive systems.

Precise Steering Systems

A lot of modern farming requires precision steering systems to optimise the fields and maximise the crop yield. They often use GPS-linked steering technologies for extra precision, and to execute this accuracy they need motors and drives that enable delicate steering control and turning mechanisms.

Agricultural Robotics

Robotics also play a big part in modern agriculture, and they too require gears and motors to function. Agricultural robots are growing popular for picking and harvesting, and the larger agricultural operations often employ integrated automation on the likes of combine harvesters.

As an agricultural motors supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components offer a wide range of motors and motion control products designed for use with applications using agricultural robotics.

Commercial Mowing Equipment

While not exactly agriculture, commercial mowing of large expanses of grass requires robust and industrial-level machinery. The likes of motorised mower deck lifts are becoming more frequently included in modern mower designs, as well as specially designed linear actuator packages.

If you require any motors, gearboxes, couplings, or clutches, for agricultural machinery and applications, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading agricultural motors supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.