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SMD Harmonic Gearboxes


The range of ‘brilliantly agile’ SMD Gearboxes features a variety of models including planetary and right angle gearboxes, as well as harmonic reducers. Here we will focus on the latter, with SMD harmonic gearbox suppliers like YB Components seeing demand for these precise and compact reducers increasing.

First let’s look at exactly what constitutes a harmonic gearbox.

What Are Harmonic Gearboxes?

Harmonic gearing is also known as strain wave gearing, and it is a lightweight mechanical gear system that massively reduces backlash to increase accuracy. They are usually very compact and feature high gear ratios.

The products available through SMD harmonic gearbox suppliers YB Components use flexible splines; one with external teeth which becomes deformed by a rotating elliptical plug during operation, which then engages with the internal gear teeth of an outer spline.

Increasingly used in the robotics industry as well as the aerospace industry, harmonic or strain wave gearing provides gear reduction while also being able to increase rotational speed. Other advantages over traditional gearing include reconfigurable ratios within standard housings, as well as excellent resolution and repeatability during applications that require the repositioning of inertial loads.

Now let’s look at both the hat and cup types of SMD harmonic gearboxes currently available through SMD harmonic gearbox suppliers.

SMD Harmonic Gearbox – Hat Type

Also known as the SSHG Series, the hat type variety of SMD harmonic gearboxes feature a diverse appearance which makes them suitable for robot arms. They boast a precision accuracy of less than 20 arc-seconds and a torque capacity ranging between 3.5Nm and 500Nm.

The excellent accuracy is complemented by a compact housing and short axial dimension, plus the hat type of SMD harmonic gearbox also has a high rigidity which makes it ideal for precision work that requires exceptional stability. Available in a variety of reduction ratios including 1:50, 1:80, 1:100, 1:120, and 1:160, these SMD harmonic gearboxes are frequently used in applications throughout the robotics industry, with a particular focus in multi-axis robot joints.

With the options of permissible input speed and continuous output torque, these SSHG gearboxes can accommodate input speeds up to 1000rpm, maintaining 85% efficiency with a full load at the permissible input speed.

SMD Harmonic Gearbox – Cup Type

Also known as the SCSG Series or a strain wave gearbox, the cup type of SMD harmonic gearboxes is a harmonic reducer that has a nominal output torque ranging between 3.5Nm and 500Nm. Backlash comes at under 20 arc-seconds, plus they also boast high rigidity for precision work that relies on exceptional stability.

With a more compact build that promotes greater accuracy, this SCSG cup type of SMD harmonic gearbox is popular in robotics, especially for multi-axis robot joints. There is a variety of available reduction ratios including 1:50, 1:80, 1:100, 1:120 and 1:160, plus they can accommodated input speeds above 3000rpm.

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