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Sit Couplings and Sitex Couplings


Our blog recently featured some of the products produced by Sit Couplings, where we took an in depth look at their Trasco flexible and zero backlash couplings. However, those are just two of a wide range of popular machinery components that Sit Couplings manufacture, so it’s worthwhile delving a little further into their product catalogue and examining a few more of the high quality couplings and joints they have to offer.


SITEX Couplings


These steel teeth couplings consist of a pair of hubs with milled teeth which are brought together and connected by a larger ‘sleeve’ featuring internal teeth grooves. While the hubs are steel, the inner connecting sleeve is made from a stabilized form of super-polyamide resin. This combination of steel on super-polyamide resin negates the need for lubrication, keeping this component relatively maintenance free.


These SITEX Couplings are designed to be used with a variety of applications, primarily with axial or radial movement. Thanks to the ability of both outer ends of the couplings to maintain their action under stress, this coupling minimises the impact and imposition of the bearing loads usually caused by either radial or axial misalignment. These SITEX Couplings are also ideal for us with any applications that feature an angular displacement of the two connected shafts. Angular speed variations are prevented during operation because of the torsional rigidity of the coupling.


These SITEX Couplings are available with ATEX Directive 94/9/CE certification, which ensures the safety of equipment which ‘may be used in areas endangered by potentially explosive atmospheres’.


SITEX FL Couplings


The SITEX FL gear coupling is made of a steel hub, though with just the single hub this time. However, the single steel hub is equipped with a connecting flange made of fibreglass-reinforced super-polyamide resin which affords it increased mechanical strength and high resistance as well as dimensional stability even at different operating temperatures. The outer teeth of the hub and the inner teeth of the flange are also specially designed to compensate for small misalignments during operation, which greatly reduces wear and tear over time.


The primary usage for SITEX FL Couplings would be for optimizing connections between the reciprocating engine and engine flywheels to a variety of different driven machine types including piston air compressors, hydraulic pumps and power generators.


These SITEX FL Couplings are also available with ATEX Directive 94/9/CE certification.


SITEX ST Couplings


The steel SITEX ST Couplings feature one or two hubs coupled with a sleeve through which the torque is fluently transmitted. These can be particularly useful couplings as they feature the special OPTIGEAR profile which affords the two-hub version a very high torque transmission as well as excellent compensation of axial, radial and angular misalignment (OPTIGEAR not available in the single hub version of SITEX ST Couplings).


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