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What could go wrong with your gearbox?

Industrial gearboxes, such as Spaggiari and Sirem gearboxes, are central to the operations of various industrial fields in the chemical, energy, construction, and environmental industries. They are a vital piece of equipment, which provide the mechanical power needed to propel industrial equipment such as pumps and mixers. So you can say that the work we do here at YB Components helps keep the wheels of industry turning.

Like all other types of equipment, industrial gearboxes have a breaking point, and this can have serious implications for your business.

So what are some of the things that could go wrong with your industrial gearbox?

  1. Overheating:  can reduce the lifespan of the likes of Spaggiari worm gearboxes and Sumitomo gearboxes, or any type of industrial gearbox, so it is important to detect and prevent overheating. Cool, dry surroundings are the ideal environment for industrial gearboxes, but unfortunately most factories and plants are far removed from that ideal. Therefore preventing overheating is key. In this regard, the bearings in the gearbox must be adequately lubricated at all times, and ventilation grills kept dust free.


  1. Oil Leaks:  can reduce the efficiency of the industrial gearbox. Oil contributes to the smooth operation of the gearbox, as it provides lubrication for the gears and component parts.  A leak often indicates that there is a problem with a seal or gasket. Low oil levels can damage the bearing mechanism, and inevitably reduce the life of the gearbox.


  1. Excessive noise:  is a sign that the varying parts of the gearbox are not running in sync.  Squeaks and rattles often occur when the gears are damaged, or there is some difficulty with the rolling bearings. The maintenance person should take the time to identify the source of the noise, and carry out corrective action.

Regular inspections can help you spot early signs of wear and tear with your industrial gearbox. Check out our earlier blog for information on the things you need to look for.

If your Zurrer gearbox, Spaggiari parallel shaft gearbox or any type of industrial gearbox is not working efficiently, then you need to determine if it is more cost effective to repair worn and defective parts, or to replace the unit. Read our blog for a discussion on faulty industrial gearboxes.

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