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Maintaining your Industrial Gearboxes can prolong their life

When it comes to your industrial gearboxes, suppliers will nearly always warn you to ensure you take good care of them.  Conducting regular gearbox repairs and inspections will ensure you get the best out of your industrial gearboxes. Of course it’s vitally important to keep the flow of work steady though, so stopping work to regularly inspect can cause issue. However, it is possible to minimise downtime and still make sure your gearboxes are working in the way they need to be, and they last as long as possible before you have to replace them.

Check your industrial gearboxes environment is optimised

Most of the time, industrial gearboxes such as Spaggiari and Sirem gearboxes are operated in, let’s face it, not the cleanest environments. Dirt and dust can get into all parts of the gearbox and this build up can cause issues over time. It’s vital, therefore to regularly brush the dust off, and debris should be removed as soon as possible. One of the most common ways dust and debris gets into the gearbox is by the inspection ports, so make sure these aren’t left open.

Another cause of concern that some Industrial Gearbox suppliers forget to mention is that the breather must also be kept free of water and dust, so you absolutely must keep this in a clean area of your factory.

 Check your gear teeth

Take a look at your gear teeth regularly, as it’s not just the gear-motors that can be a problem. The teeth contact patterns can show whether they are aligned or misaligned. If they’re the latter, calling in the Gearbox repairs services early is likely to prolong the life of your gearbox, rather than lead to you having to replace it.

Don’t let your gearbox overheat

If your gearbox overheats, it’s likely to cause serious damage. Many industrial gearbox repairs are down to overheating, but it’s pretty easy to check and take action to make sure this doesn’t happen.  If you record temperatures every shift, and ensure that there is no oxidisation present in the oil drum, this should go some way towards giving some indication. For a quick check, you could always spray the gearbox with water.

Make sure to lubricate 

Making sure you avoid industrial gearbox repairs by keeping them lubricated is something that should be done as standard in factories. Add lubricant to the reservoir on a regular basis and you should avoid this common trigger for Industrial gearbox repairs.

Document your checks

Ensure your staff document any industrial gearbox inspections carefully. All members of staff should know the reporting procedure and keeping accurate records will confirm that you don’t have a problem exacerbated due to lack of communication between staff.

Prolonging the life of your gearbox, whether it’s a  Zurrer gearbox, Spaggiari parallel shaft gearbox or any type of industrial gearbox is vital to ensure that you don’t suffer long downtimes and heavy financial losses. Therefore having a regular industrial gearbox repair service on call is a just. Here at YB Components we can help you keep your gearbox in top condition.

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