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Urban and Rural Heavy Equipment Maintenance

As an agricultural motors supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components have learned a lot about the different maintenance requirements for heavy equipment in different environments.

It is generally much easier to maintain equipment in an urban environment, but agricultural equipment in rural areas should also be looked after in order to maximise the service life of the components. Urban environments usually have the benefit of being indoors, enclosed in a factory or other industrial space. Heavy equipment used in rural areas doesn’t have this protection and thus is usually a lot more rugged and robust by design.

But despite the robust design of agricultural equipment, the smaller or special components that keep it ticking along will still need maintenance and occasional replacement. Let’s have a closer look at heavy equipment maintenance in both urban and rural environments.

Urban Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Operating heavy machinery in urban environments may be easier than in rural areas, but regular maintenance is still necessary to ensure the safety of the operators as well as to extend the life of the machinery itself.

Machinery operation in an urban industrial space can be regulated more easily than machinery in agricultural environments. This makes the conditions in which urban heavy machinery operates more predictable, allowing a better service life projection for each of the machinery’s components.

Operating indoors means protection from the elements. It also provides operators with the ability to control temperature and humidity, as well as better protect against potential contaminants.

Rural or Agricultural Equipment Maintenance

Operators of heavy equipment in rural areas that expose the machinery to harsh conditions are often in need of regularly contacting an agricultural bearing supplier. Yorkshire’s YB Components know well that farming equipment operated outdoors has a much higher chance of contaminants such as dust, dirt and grit entering the equipment. It is unavoidable, and thus a slightly different approach is used when it comes to certain components like bearings.

While it might seem to make sense to invest in high quality bearings that can withstand harsh conditions, the fact is that they are going to wear down fairly quickly anyway. The solution to this is to use less expensive bearings and simply be ready to replace them regularly.

Other components that may require regular replacement include belts, pulleys, chains and sprockets.

Agricultural Motors Supplier in Yorkshire

It is important to know which parts and components need regular replacing on heavy machinery, whether it is operated in rural or urban areas. An agricultural motors supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components keep plenty of local stock of such parts ready to ship out at a moment’s notice, possibly even delivering them on the same as they were ordered in certain circumstances.

If you require any parts for heavy machinery in urban or rural environments, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading agricultural bearing supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.