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Worm-Geared Motor BS Series from Bauer

The worm-geared motor BS Series available through Bauer suppliers is economical  and right-angled for easy installation. The right angle allows it to be installed quickly even in the tightest applications.

These special worm gearboxes from Bauer are setting new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy. They include high quality features such as hollow shafts and are available in a variety of sizes, including the smallest.

Inverter Friendly Design Worm Gearboxes

The worm-geared motor BS Series from Bauer Gear Motors is an inverter friendly design. This allows easy integration into applications now, and also for future technological developments too.

Worm gearboxes in the BS Series provide lots of flexibility when it comes to mounting options. Such options include mounting on the shaft, base and face, as well as on the flange. Also note that the motor terminal box can be mounted in a variety of positions and is rotatable in 90 degree increments around the motor frame. This rotational flexibility provides even more integration possibilities. 

Worm-Geared Motor BS Series Accreditations

The BS Series of worm gearboxes from Bauer suppliers offer superior protection, demonstrated by its IP65 accreditation. This certification ensures the worm-geared motor BS Series has complete protection from dust, oil and other non-corrosive material.

The BS Series also has complete protection from contact with enclosed equipment. It is protected from water, including water aggressively projected by a pointed tip and/or nozzle from any direction.

The worm-geared motor BS Series also possesses the IEC 529 certification which represents the level of protection of its enclosure. This means it is dust tight and hose proof. This means that Bauer worm gearboxes can be used outdoors and in wet and dusty environments without the need for extra protection.

In addition, all gear motors in Bauer’s BS Series comply with North American and International standards. These certifications and standards include NEMA, CSA, and CE.

Small Industrial Worm-Geared Motor BS Series

The small Industrial version of Bauer’s worm-geared motor BS Series comes in three compact sizes marked as BS02, BS03 and BS04. While very compact, these worm gearboxes are high quality geared motors that are frequently used in machinery, material handling and packaging, as well as with pharmaceutical machinery and textile machinery.

The outer surfaces of these Bauer motor components feature a smooth finish by design. This special smooth finish makes these worm-geared motor BS Series especially suited for use in areas where deposits of dirt and debris should not be allowed to accumulate due to health and hygiene reasons.

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