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Transmission Belts Buying Guide   


As experienced transmission belts suppliers in Yorkshire, YB Components are experts in the different kinds of belts available and their suitable applications. There are variable speed belts or v-belts, flat belts and ribbed belts. There are also synchronous slotted belts and a whole range of various models within all of these categories as well.

Knowing which belt you need for your application can be tricky, and you need to get it right to ensure an optimal performance. Here we present a quick buying guide for transmission belts, explaining what they are and the attributes of the main types.

Transmission Belt Basics

Transmissions belts are used to efficiently transmit power or movement. They are mechanical elements that are primarily used for power transmission without phase shift. They generally consist of loops of flexible materials that connect multiple rotating shafts. The shafts are usually parallel to each other, though there are variations to this design.

Perhaps most commonly known for use with conveyors, transmission belts are also well known for their use in the automotive industry. Vehicles often feature a ribbed belt which helps to synchronise the movements of the valves and pistons in the engine, whilst also driving the alternator, water pump and power steering pump.

Special heavy duty versions are available through transmission belts suppliers in Yorkshire, which are frequently supplied all over the UK and around the world for various industrial applications that need motion or power transmission in a challenging environment.

Choosing a Transmission Belt

To make sure you choose the correct transmission belt for your application, you first need to know the type of section needed along with the belt dimensions.

Other factors to consider include the amount of torque that needs to be transmitted, the rotational speed and centre distance, as well as the reduction ratio. Also consider the temperature the belt needs to operate in as well as any lubrication conditions.

Variable Speed Belts

V-belts are one of the most commonly used belts so there is a good chance this is the type you need. These belts are able to transmit more power than flat belts at the same level of tension. They offer a great combinations of traction, speed, bearing load and service lifespan.

Variable speed belts also slip less than flat belts, and are usually designed to be thinner than other belts, thus taking up less space.

Flat Transmission Belts

Flat belts are extremely efficient, more so than v-belts, though they are best suited to low weight loads. They produce a much quieter operation too, and allow for a large centre distance.

Ribbed Belts

Ribbed lengthwise, the ribs of a ribbed transmission belt increases the contact surface between the pulley and the belt. This distributes the tension evenly, allowing for a wide power range and large transmission ratio.

If you require any variable speed belts, ribbed belts or flat belts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading transmission belts supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.