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Alberti Engineering NC Motion Control Systems   


Along with a variety of line, stand alone and handling machines, Alberti Engineering also design and manufacture an excellent range of point-to-point Numerical Control (NC) motion control systems.

Spare parts for these high quality machines are available through UK Alberti suppliers YB Components. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. We can also deliver on the same day they are ordered in certain circumstances, especially to businesses near our Yorkshire headquarters.

As the leading Alberti suppliers in the UK, YB Components are able to remove the barriers facing UK-based companies when purchasing spare parts from overseas and from the EU in particular.

Here we explain how NC point-to-point systems work, as well as take a closer look at the Alberti motion control systems that use this method.

NC Point-to-Point Motion Control Explained

This type of motion control system is also known as a positioning system or machining centre, and is generally one of the simpler motion control system designs. Its simplicity often makes it a great cost-effective option.

The main purpose of the point-to-point NC motion control system is to simply move a tool to its desired location, hence point-to-point. Such point-to-point control isn’t necessary if the tool is just moving between two static holes.

The movement speed of the tool also makes little difference in point-to-point motion control system, as the machining operation starts in place at the moment that the tool arrives in the correct position.

One example of a such a tool would be an NC drill, where the drill bit is positioned at the target location before starting. This is achieved through the point-to-point motion control method, after which the drilling operation begins.

Alberti NC Systems

Whether you call them positional systems or machining centres, the range of Alberti NC systems includes options in management from 3 to 5 interpolated axes, and they can all be configured according to specific needs and requirements.

The DOOR-MAXI/Cn machine is a point-to-point machining centre which is especially suited  to typical or standard processes. It has both vertical and horizontal chip removal present in the ‘doors’, and uses between 3 and 4 interpolated axes.

The POLAREVOLUTION/Cn is a ‘universal’ machining centre that has both vertical, inclined and horizontal chip removal, and is especially fast and flexible without compromising on precision. It can use between 3 and 5 interpolated axes.

The XYLO /Cn is another ‘universal’ machining centre featuring both vertical and horizontal chip removal. It is also fast and flexible and maintains its precision while using 3 to 4 interpolated axes.

As UK Alberti suppliers, we maintain a dialogue with Alberti Engineering that enables us to assist all our customers in identifying the correct parts so UK-based businesses can find genuine replacements for all Alberti motion control systems.

If you require any parts for Alberti NC systems, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Albert suppliers in Yorkshire.