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Sumitomo Gearboxes and Parts Suppliers


The task of being a Sumitomo parts supplier can be a busy one thanks to the demand of their popular products such as the Cyclo Drives and Servomotors described below. Here we focus on just two of their huge product catalogue, but two designs that just happen to be extremely popular for industrial applications all around the world.

Sumitomo Gearboxes – Cyclo Drive 6000

Sumitomo’s Cyclo Drives are unique drive technology products that remain unrivalled on the market. Different to traditional gear mechanisms, the Cyclo Drive is not exposed to external or shear forces and instead uses a rolling force to generate power. Thanks to this unique characteristic, Sumitomo gearboxes like the Cyclo Drive are far more resistant to wear and tear and can better absorb extreme impacts and shocks by simply distributing the sudden increase in load in a uniform manner across the entire set of power transmitting components.

The Cyclo Drive 6000 will continue operating perfectly under difficult conditions, with some of the sizes coming pre-equipped with a lifetime’s supply of grease lubrication.

Both the Cyclo Drives and Cyclo Drive geared motor units are renowned for their consistant reliability, long life and exceptional efficiency, even when operated in harsh conditions. These Sumitomo gearboxes have a high overload capacity thanks to their compact design and they are available as either geared units or geared motors.

Sumitomo Concentric Gearboxes

The concentric gearboxes manufactured by Sumitomo include the Cyclo Servomotor Server 100, which is based on the Cyclo concept and features a series of gears ideal for applications with a movable axis. All standard servo-motors can be attached via a clamp connector, although the Cyclo Servomotor Servo 6000 can be attached via a foot, flange or face mount. The 6000 also features a new curve profile paired with precisely machined components. This precision helps reduce the mechanical backlash to a nominal amount without causing extra inner tension.

The Servomotor Sumitomo concentric gearboxes combine a low noise level with excellent low mass moments of inertia by utilising as many as six high, single-stage gear ratios in a compact package. A circumferential backlash of less than three angular minutes is achieved via the precisely machined components being given precise positioning tasks.

The compact design and low mass moment of inertia for high response means a long service life for these geared motor designs, which along with the previously described Cyclo Drives, have long list of potential applications.

Sumitomo Gearbox Applications

Among the many applications that Sumitomo’s gearboxes can be used in are in machinery used in the food and sugar industry, other machinery such as meat processors, mixers and industrial agitators as well as water treatment and recycling plants. Other applications includes metalworking machines, sawmills and woodworking machines, rolling mills and all sorts of construction machinery.

In addition, the Sumitomo Servomotors can be used with all sorts of conveyor systems such as clock-pulse generators, sorting systems, palletizing systems and material handling systems. They are also used with machine tools such as tool changers and rotary indexing tables, textile machines, robot systems and many, many more examples of industrial machinery.

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