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Industrial Gearbox Manufacturers


There are many industrial gearbox manufacturers of renown from a variety of countries around the world, but thanks to industrial gearbox distributors like YB Components, these high quality gearbox products are accessible to every business wherever they are based.

Here we highlight just a handful of the industrial gearbox manufacturers whose parts, gears and motors are available to be shipped out upon request by YB Components.

Heynau Gearboxes

Heynau Gearboxes (Heynau Getreibe for German speakers) utilise a simple construction method consisting of a minimum of components which helps make their products especially efficient and reliable. Keeping their gear constructions simple also enables Heynau to manufacture gearboxes that boast a significant noise reduction compared to other designs.

It is also worth noting that with the addition of output reducers and extra input power motors, Heynau gear drives are capable of several hundred different speed and power variables.

Kumera Gearboxes

Finland’s Kimura Corporation have deservedly acquired a reputation as one of the world’s leading developers of power transmission products. The Power Transmission Group is their special department dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of gearbox products for an even wider range of potential applications.

Kumera’s LX Series are their One Stage Helical Gearboxes which are specifically designed for use with fast-rotating shafts. The KA or RA Series are One Stage Bevel Kumera gearboxes for use with shaft lines that must make 90 degree turns during operation. The vertical shaft gearboxes Kumera produce are unsurprisingly designed for use with vertical shaft applications, specifically those that will be exposed to heavy external loads.

Li-Ming Gear Motors

The Chinese manufacturer of industrial geared motors, Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd, produce a variety of speed reduction motors, helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers.

Li-Ming’s gearbox designs include special wormgear reducers that have a very low backlash specification. There are also wormgears designed by Li-Ming that actually have an adjustable backlash option for even more versatility. Other Li-Ming gear motor options include a High Hollow Rotary Actuator Reducer and the High Precision Hypoid Gear Reducer.

Pujol Geared Motors

Pujol Transmissions from Spain have several noteworthy products that have proven popular with industrial machinery operations around the world. These include the aluminium and cast iron V Series Variator which comes with a bare shaft input and the option of being either completely free-standing or fitted with other Pujol geared motor products.

There is also the TH Series and the TK Series which are Pujol geared motors made with cast iron multi-mounted gearboxes featuring either a parallel or a right-angled shaft.

Sirem Gear Motors

Closing in on nearly a century since their founding in France back   in 1928, Sirem have grown into a industrial manufacturing giant producing a wide variety of other products alongside their reliable gearboxes. The reversible D Type Gear Motor features parallel gears and has an asynchronous motor. These particular Sirem gear motors are ideally suited for applications such as liquid agitators and rotary presses.

Sirem also produce the F Type asynchronous gearbox which includes many of the same features of the D Type but has a different shape which enables it to be used with a wider variety of applications, such as industrial rotisseries and ophthalmological machines.

If you require any parts made by the industrial gearbox manufacturers mentioned above or elsewhere on the website,  then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Industrial gearbox suppliers.