PMI Linear Guideways


The PMI Group first came into existence back at the start of the 1990s, immediately getting involved in the manufacture of linear guideways, ballscrews, precision ball screw splines, ball splines and actuators. Most of their products have become critical components of precision machinery such as machine tools, electric discharging and wire cutting machines, as well as the likes of plastics injection machines, semi-conductor equipment and precision orientation equipment.


Such machinery as those examples listed above require only the most reliable components, which is why they rely on the likes of PMI linear guideways and the many other products manufactured by the PMI Group (previously known as AMT Linear Bearings).


PMI-AMT Linear Guideways Are Efficient and Reliable


Recently the PMI Group have been dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly management systems in order to conform to the regulations set out in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive to create a pollution-free workplace. However, this has not prevented them from continuing to produce the most efficient and reliable linear guideways on the market.


The PMI or PMI-AMT linear guideways have been designed with a rolling motion that produces a very low amount of friction.  Due to the smart design, the difference between dynamic and static friction is negligible so the problem of ‘stick-slipping’ which troubles other guideway systems is no long an issue. Each model of the PMI-AMT linear guideway is purposed for high positioning accuracy as well as high repeatability, making them the most efficient and most reliable guideway systems on the market today.


It is the low frictional resistance that allows the PMI linear guideways to maintain such high precision for extended periods of time. The resistance is somewhere between 1/20th to 1/40th of the frictional resistance found in a standard slide guideway. The PMI linear guideways also allow for extra lubrication to be easily supplied directly or via a centralized oil pumping system. This decreases the frictional resistance even more, enabling the maintenance of precise accuracy for a much longer time.


PMI Linear Guideways Feature Four-Way Loads


All of the PMI linear guides feature a high rigidity in their design which helps them achieve a four-way load ability. The geometric mechanics of these guide systems enable them to bear the load in all four directions, which means the radial and reversed radial, plus the two lateral directions.


Additionally, the PMI-AMT linear guides are especially suitable for use at high operational speeds, while also consuming less energy than inferior guide systems. The required driving force of these PMI linears is a lot lower than other systems offer, which means the power required to operate them is much lower too. This is mostly due to the hugely reduced frictional resistance, although it is helped by these guideways maintaining a consistant temperature and not overheating.


Maintenance of PMI Linear Guides is Easy


Not only are the PMI linear guideways easy to install, they feature significant interchange-ability which allows for easy maintenance. Also, when compared with conventional slide guides which require a fairly high level of skill in order to operate, the linear guides are much easier to control and maintain high precision.


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