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A Look at TSCHAN Couplings


The reliability of TSCHAN coupling products are renowned throughout the world. They can be used with many different technological applications, though they are especially useful for the metal and steel industry where they are frequently used for the metal-working machines. They are also used in many different types of transport systems, especially in the manufacture of automobiles.


Additionally, the reliable and efficient product lines manufactured by TSCHAN are utilised in the power generation industry, including diesel-electric generators as well as with mining machinery and many specialist solutions that require unique or special power drives.


TSCHAN Coupling Products


TSCHAN operate under the umbrella of the Ringfeder company in Germany, specialising in the manufacture of various different coupling designs. They produce a wide range of models suitable for a variety of purposes, such as the TNS Series, TNB Series, TNR Series and TNT Series.


TSCHAN also manufacture several proprietary products such as the Nor-Mex Coupling, which is known for being flexible in every direction possible which in turn compensates for any angular or parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the connected shafts. Another unique design is the 100% steel Posimin multiple disc coupling which, as are many of the designs, is torsionally rigid and free from backlash thanks to the elastic flections. The Posiflex coupling is another torsionally rigid model, this time featuring a twin cardanic gear coupling. The hubs of the Posiflex are extra special as they can move spatially within the housing and thus they too can compensate for any angular, radial or axial misalignment of the adjoined shaft ends.


TSCHAN TNS Series Couplings


In order to go into a little more depth about the quality of TSCHAN couplings, it’s necessary to focus on just one of the designs and highlight its features. We will focus on the TNS Series here, although it should be noted that even this related group of coupling designs features a multitude of variations within itself. For example, there are short or long hub versions of the TNS, plus there are internal hub versions, as well as versions featuring brake discs, removable claw rings or both (with either long or short hubs). These variations are what allows the TSCHAN TNS Series to be fit for purpose for so many different industrial applications.


Qualities that all variations of the TNS Series share include the torsion flexibility which enables the couplings to compensate for angular, radial or axial misalignment. The elastomers used by the TNS designs are available in various degrees of hardness depending on the purpose, with the couplings all suitable for use within temperatures ranging between minus-30°C to 100°C.


The TSCHAN TNS Series couplings also have the ability to absorb impact shocks and continue operating safely and efficiently. This is due to the elastic intermediate rings which possess a high internal damping characteristic which in turn helps limit any excessive torsional vibrations or shocks.


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