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Planox Clutch Types

There are different types of the Planox Multi Plate Friction Clutch designed by Desch, with each type including characteristics which make that particular Planox clutch best suited for certain applications.

As Planox clutch suppliers, we have experts here at YB Components that can help you identify the most suitable type of Planox clutch for your equipment. Below we will provide a quick rundown of some of the most popular types of Planox clutches.

Planox Clutch Type PPF–RA

The PPF–RA model is a pneumatically engageable dry plate friction clutch that features a flexible Orpex coupling. The clutch is engaged by air pressure with compressed air fed into the clutch via the gearbox shaft. Pressure springs connect the pressure plates when engaged, and the clutch is disengaged by releasing the air pressure, resulting in the torque being cut off.

Planox Clutches Type PM

The PM model is a mechanically actuated friction clutch and features a spring contact pressure on the friction element. This spring pressure limits the peak torques during the switch-on process. These Planox clutches are available as a shaft-to-shaft type (PMW) or shaft-to-flange type (PMF).

Planox Clutch Type PMA

Also actuated mechanically, the PMA type of Planox clutches are bell-shaped and have been developed specifically to be attached to diesel engines. This clutch includes the bearing installed in the clutch bell housing, forming a single unit with the engine once attached.

Planox Clutches Type PP

This pneumatically switched-on Planox clutch is type PP, and features the compressed air being fed axially through the shaft into the ring cylinder, which then determines the torque. Combined with flexible couplings, the PP type is an excellent safety clutch for applications using dual screw extruders, typically found in the plastics industry.

Planox Clutch Type PPA

Another pneumatically actuated bell-shaped model, the PPA type has the same function as the PP type, and has a similar housing to the aforementioned PMA type. However, the power output for the PPA model is via the belt drive or other drive element.

Planox Clutches Type PPR

With a radial air supply, the switched-on pneumatically PPR type of Planox clutch features a switching component consisting of a cylinder and piston that runs on angular ball bearings. This special design transfers the necessary pressing force. The friction of the angular ball bearings generates torque which is absorbed by a torque plate, with the natural wear automatically compensated over the piston stroke.

Planox Clutch Type PT

Loaded by cup springs, the PT type generates a defined torque thanks to the permanently pretensioned cup spring packs. Should the preset torque be exceeded at any point during operation, this type PT clutch slips through and cuts off the torque peaks.

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