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Pacific Linear Bearing: The Art of Simplicity 

The Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation may be better known as the parent company of PBC Linear and LEE Linear, but the original company has been around since 1962. With a huge range of linear bearing parts and associated products, the design of Pacific linear bearings generally focus on simplicity of form, making them some of the most versatile and popular linear bearing products in the world.

The ‘Round Shaft Technology’ of the Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation uses a precision ground shafting design available in a variety of materials such as aluminium and either hardened or stainless steel. The bearings work in tandem with Pacific’s range of high quality ball bearing products which includes sleeve bushings and pillow block housings along with a variety of standard bearings and flanges. They also manufacture a good selection of support rail assemblies.

Let’s look closer at the Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation and its excellent range of bearing products.

A Brief History of the Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation

Back in the early 1960s, the firm was known as the Prodo Mach Corporation, before merging with the Premac company and taking on that name. The Pacific Bearing Company was then founded in 1983, primarily to be the sales company for Premac. However, Pacific Bearing quickly became officially incorporated, later merging with Premac to become one single company under the Pacific Linear Bearing name.

It was during the 1980s that the company transitioned from its metalworking origins to become a specialist bearing manufacturer. By focusing its research and development on bearings, the company soon invented the first self-lubricating plain bearing, known by the ‘Simplicity’ trademark

The Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation continued expanding its linear bearing product line throughout the early 2000s, eventually launching PBC Linear in 2008 to be a dedicated linear bearing subsidiary.

Pacific Linear Bearing Products

The Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation’s linear bearing products can be found under the banner of PBC Linear. The range includes their trademarked Simplicity plain bearings along with the Simplicity flange mounts and die set flange mounts.

You will also find plain bearing pillow blocks and plain bearing flange mounts, along with die set bushings and standard flange mounts. There are precision sleeve plain bearings, square bearings and accompanying rails, along with ball type bearings and bushings, ball bearing flange mounts, ball bearing pillow blocks and roller pillow blocks.

Aside from the range of linear bearings, the Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation also manufactures gliding surface linear guides, integral-v linear guides, cam roller linear guides, and linear actuators.

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