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Linix Motors   


Linix Motors originated in 1968 and has become one of China’s key high-tech enterprises focusing on motor products such as AC motors and permanent magnet DC motors. They also specialise in brushless and stepper motors, servo motors and other micro motors.

The range of products available through Linix Motors suppliers also includes electric push rod actuators, parallel shafts, worm gears, planetary gear reducers and a wide variety of motor drives. The Linix motor products are frequently used in applications such as access control systems, rail transit and industrial automation, as well as in the aerospace industry.

Here we will take a closer look at a few of the popular products available through Linix Motors suppliers.

Linix Motors – YN100 Series AC Motor

The YN100 series motor by Linix Motors is very popular for applications such as automation equipment like automatic doors. It is also commonly used in textile machinery and other industrial applications.

The voltage range of the YN100 series motor goes from 110V up to 380V. The power range starts at 120W and goes up to 140W, while the speed range is 1300r/min.

Linix Motors – YN90 Series AC Motor

The YN90 series motor is designed primarily for use with packaging machinery and similar equipment, but is also suitable for automation applications, medical equipment, assembly lines and more.

The voltage range of the YN90 series motor is the same of the YN100 series, going from 110V up to 380V. The power range is significantly lower, starting at 90W and going up to 120W. The speed range is also 1300r/min.

Linix Motors – 118ZY Series DC Motor

The 118ZY series motor is suitable for low-voltage and high-current applications as it has a short-term load power range of 500W to 750W. This DC motor is reliably stable, with its maximum working efficiency more than 75%.

This product provided by Linix Motors suppliers has an instantaneous maximum output power of 1kw. The protection level is IP54 and the insulation level is F. For environments where noise is a concern, the 118ZY has an operational noise level of 55 dBA.

Linix Motors – 85ZY Series DC Motor

The 85ZY series motor is intended for use with high torque and low speed applications, with its load power capacity ranging from 70W up to 200W. This motor is again pretty stable and reliable during operation, with a maximum working efficiency over 70%.

The instantaneous maximum output power of the 85ZY motor reaches 300w, plus there is an optional magnetic encoder, rated at 12p/r with two square waves and a phase differential of 90 degrees. The protection level is IP42, insulation level is B, and the noise level is 55 dBA.

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