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There are a lot of high quality motor manufacturers around the world and it is the job of a motors supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components especially, to ensure these parts are available to the likes of engineering, agricultural and industrial businesses everywhere.

Local stocks of these motors are kept in YB Components’ Yorkshire base, and companies within this area can even expect same day shipping. While we also ship fast and free all over the world, our proximity to any businesses located in places like Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley, means there need not be any delay in acquiring your replacement motors.

Below we highlight a couple of the more recent additions to the long list of gearbox and motor manufacturers whose parts are available to ship out right now.

Laifual Drive

As a motors supplier Yokrshire’s YB Components stock many Laifual Drive motors and reducers, including their harmonic reducers and planetary gear reducers. The former come with a particularly large range, including the LSS Series that have a rigid cross-roller bearing that lends extra support to heavier external loads. The LSS Series incorporates the LSN models which are similar but 30% lighter and designed for lighter loads.

The LSD Series of Laifual Drive motors are a compact product that boasts the same torque capacity as the larger LSS Series but in a smaller and thinner casing. The LFS Series is light weight and very flat for applications that requires this type of motor.

The integrated version of the LFS harmonic drive features a small motor that still performs as well as larger and more robust motors, with the LFS Integrated Series scoring the highest input characteristics when performances are compared under the same gearing conditions.

Linix Motors

Linix Motors specialise in brushless and stepper motors, servo motors and other micro motors, as well as worm gears and planetary gear reducers. They also make electric push rod actuators and parallel shaft motors.

The YN100 series of Linix AC motors is used in automation equipment such as  automatic doors and other movement sensitive equipment. The YN90 series motor is used with some automation such as assembly lines, as well as packing machinery, some medical equipment.

The 118ZY series DC motor available through Linix Motors suppliers has been designed for low-voltage and high-current applications. It is a very stable DC motor with a high maximum working efficiency. Another DC motor by Linix is the 85ZY series which is designed for low speed applications requiring lots of torque.

If you require Laifual Drive or Linix Motors products, then the motors supplier Yorkshire is most proud of keep ship these parts fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world of you contact YB Components today.