Introducing MGM Electric Motors   

width=300Brake motor specialists MGM Electric Motors have arrived at YB Components with local stocks kept ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Known as MGM Motori Elettrici S.p.A. in their native Italy, the family-owned business has been an industry leader in brake motor manufacturing since 1950. They are renowned for the uncompromising quality of their products, which are all developed and constructed at their own plants. They have also opened additional plants in Canada and the United States to serve the North American market.

Let’s take a look at the many varied industries and applications where MGM brake motors are used.

Applications of MGM Brake Motors

The variety of MGM electric motors are found everywhere around the world in ports, vessels, construction sites, airports and industrial plants. You will also find MGM brake motors in escalators, theatres and cine studios. The products available through MGM brake motors suppliers help in building and transforming things such as paper, cars, metals and wood.

The many applications for the MGM Electric Motors catalogue of products includes accumulators or stackers, amusement parks and machines, assembly lines and automatic storage. They are crucial components in Cam Driven Systems like indexing tables, tool changers and conveyors, and are frequently used in cable reels, climbing platforms and a wide variety of both road and building construction equipment. This includes the likes of end trucks for cranes, as well as hoists, trolleys, and the wheel motors on gantry cranes.

Escalator and walkways use MGM brake motors, as well as linear actuators and material handling machines, including heavy duty machinery in the mining industry. There is a variety of automatic doors that use brake motors, such as rapid doors and various door operators. They are used in packaging and converting machines, as well as palletisers, screw jacks, winches, wind generators and wrapping machines.

We’ve probably all enjoyed a nice glass of wine that was made with a wine machine using MGM brake motors, especially with the hose pumps that link to the machines during the wine making process.

MGM Electric Motor Products

The main products available through MGM brake motors suppliers are all high performing and reliable squirrel-cage motors and brake motors that require little to no maintenance. These include the BA/BAX Series and the BM/BMX Series, as well as the SM/SMX Series. They are all designed for continuous duty and are able to operate optimally under tough service conditions.

MGM Electric Motors also distribute a comprehensive range of gearboxes including parallel or inline helical, shaft-mounted, parallel shafts and bevel helical gearboxes. There are also industrial line gearboxes, planetary and worm gearboxes, and speed variators.

If you require any products from the MGM Electric Motors range, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading MGM brake motors suppliers.