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Deserti Meccanica Variable Speed Pulleys

width=200Deserti Meccanica is an Italian manufacturer of variable speed pulleys, torque limiters and electromagnetic brakes. Their products always have a high standard of quality and well known for reliability and long life spans.

History of Deserti Meccanica

When the company was founded back in 1974, Deserti Meccanica became the very first Italian company to manufacture and market torque limiters. Now the variable speed pulleys are available through Deserti Meccanica suppliers YB Components.

The company was founded by Giorgio Deserti after he gained a lot of experience in the adaptors field. He decided to take a chance on himself with his own company, manufacturing innovative torque limiter technology.

Deserti’s idea for the new company had been inspired from his work with tray packing machines for fruit and vegetables. The machines had been equipped with dedicated torque limiters for safety purposes, and he thought the market for such technology could be much bigger than it currently was. He was right!

Over the years, Deserti Meccanica have expanded their range of products to include variable speed pulleys and brakes, as well as joints, shrink discs, friction discs, collars and a variety of accessories.

Deserti Meccanica Variable Speed Pulley Specifications

The variable speed pulleys by Deserti Meccanica feature conical disks made of hardened and tempered steel with anti-scuff treatment up to the model DVS 225. Bigger models feature conical disks made of cast iron with wear-proof treatment, with both the steel and iron conical disks able to move in perfect symmetry in both directions. Both the steel and iron variable speed pulleys have been designed to have long lives with slotted conical Belleville washers producing a continuously reliable sliding action.

The contact surfaces of the load bearing hubs are quite wide and feature specially grooved teeth made of hardened and tempered steel, also with anti-scuff treatment. The holes for connecting hubs to driving shafts are ISO H7 with the key UNI 6604-69.

There is also dynamic balancing available for some for models, which prevents any vibrations while operating at high speeds. For models without dynamic balancing, the disks are completely machined so there is no need to compensate for vibrations.

Deserti Meccanica Speed Pulley Maintenance

To maintain the optimal performance of Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys, they recommended using lubrication grease such as MOLYCOTE. To apply after mounting the speed pulley, Deserti Meccanica suppliers YB Components advise using the grease nipple and ensuring all necessary parts have been lubricated. Once the grease has been applied, you should operate the speed pulley at low speed to ensure an even distribution of the grease before operating at high speed.

Deserti Meccanica recommend that the lubrication application process should occur approximately every 500 working hours.

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