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Habix Couplings Features and Benefits

The Habix coupling available through YB Components is a popular choice throughout a number of industries for many different applications. This flexible coupling technology offers exquisite precision during operation and excellent durability.

Habix couplings also don’t generate any distortion, so long as the metal jaws are not overloaded to breaking point. This distortion-free characteristic makes the Habix coupling very safe to operate.

Here we look closer at some of the features, applications and benefits of the Habix coupling.

Habix Coupling Features

The Habix coupling is a plug-in coupling, which makes it easy to assemble, install and uninstall. A popular compact drive solution, the Habix flexible coupling features a fail-safe for secure operation, while it is also designed to minimise vibration.

Habix couplings can feature bores up to 100mm diameter, and a torque range up to 3,600 Nm. They have an extensive standard range and a favourable price-to-performance ratio.

Habix couplings are suitable for use according to the 2014/34/EU (ATEX) directive.

Habix Coupling Applications

Applications that make use of the Habix coupling are often in the general mechanical and plant engineering fields, used with equipment such as pumps and compressors, as well as conveyor systems and gearboxes.

They are widely used in servodrive technology, machine tools and packaging machinery, along with automation systems, printing machines and any applications using the control or positioning techniques.

Benefits of Habix Couplings

Habix couplings enable the application to maintain constant transmission of torque and angular velocity, while compensating for parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignments. The primary benefit of this high misalignment compensation is that there will be significantly less load weight on other components such as shaft bearings and seals.

In turn, the lessening of the load on other components significantly extends their service life. The electrically insulating flex element of the Habix coupling also helps extend the service life of other machine components.

Habix couplings also reduce the power requirement thanks to the low weight and inertia, while the clamp-style hubs generate zero backlash, allowing for a higher precision drive.

Habix Coupling Manufacturers

Habix couplings are manufactured by Desch, a German company founded by the Desch family in 1906. More recently in 2019, Desch began partnering with the Nidec Corporation from Japan, along with the subsidiary Nidec Shimpo Corporation.

Focused on designing and manufacturing advanced mechanical and plant engineering components, Desch have become a market-leading drive technology company renowned for their innovative, high quality and complete solutions for the entire drive train.

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