Industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings, clutches, ball bearings


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Desch couplings and clutches are available in the UK from YB Components Ltd.

Couplings include:

Habix coupling

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Hadeflex coupling

The flexible DESCH Hadeflex® couplings are claw couplings with flexible elements to provide a torsional flexible connection for shafts

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Orpex coupling

DESCH Orpex couplings are used as self-aligning clutches to ensure absolutely reliable torque transmission. They are mainly used in heavy drives. DESCH Orpex clutch has been used for many years as a reliable, maintenance-free machine element.

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Clutches include:
Planox clutch

Planox® clutch type PPF – RA
with flexible Orpex® coupling

This Planox® clutch type PPF – RA is a pneumatically engage-able dry plate friction clutch. The clutch is engaged by air pressure. When the air pressure drops the clutch is completely disengaged and no remaining torque can be transmitted as the pressure springs ensure that the pressure plates are separated. The compressed air is fed into the clutch trough the gearbox shaft.

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Conax clutch

DESCH-Conax® clutches are switchable, dry friction couplings which transfer the torque by friction.

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Lutex Clutch/Brake Combination

LKB and LKB+  are options to Ortlinghaus series 0400 & 0420

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DESCH Motor gearbox unit

Denox® HSE

The drive units of the HSE/HS – series are used with single or multi-stage design as main spindle drives in the power range of 40-125 kW in machine tool applications. They are characterized by their extraordinary compactness. The hydraulic circuits and media ducts for cooling and lubrication are integrated in the transmission housing. This yields to an installation geometry without distorting elements for interlocking installation with defined interfaces in the RAM contour. Optionally tool spindles with HSK, ISO and other interface can be offered or fitted. Beside of the listed standard sizes, it is also possible to realise customized drive units up to 200 kW.

Denox® HSE
Power 40 – 80 kW
Nominal torque 1.250 – 3.250 Nm

DESCH Motor gearbox unit Denox® HS

Denox® HS
Power 60 -140 kW
Nominal torque 5.500 -16.000 Nm