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Gear Motor Oil Maintenance Guide


Lubrication oil is absolutely necessary when using the likes of planetary gear motors, and there are some inevitable issues that come with its usage. The two main problems with using lubrication oil with geared motor units are leakage and overheating, and these problems cannot always be avoided.

However, even if such issues are inevitable at some point when using geared motors, a lot of them can be mitigated with good practices and proper maintenance.

Gear Motor Oil Leakage

Leakage of lubrication oil during the performance of a geared motor is perfectly normal and to be expected, though the cause should be identified as quickly as possible to minimise the chance of it causing damage to the application. Most oil leakage issues can be fixed, but knowing the cause of the leak is the first necessary step.

The most common reasons for lubrication oil leaking during gear motor activity are:

Too much oil: lubrication oil becomes very agitated during the geared motor’s operation, and if too much oil is applied then excess oil will begin accumulating on the joint surface and the seal of the shaft seal, which then leads to oil leakage.

Loose seals: a loose seal is vulnerable to oil leakage as lubrication oil is thick and penetrative, which increases as more pressure builds in the application.

High pressure: high pressure in the application can cause oil leakage in a variety of ways, so reducing the pressure is the best solution. One of the best ways to reduce pressure on a gear reduction motor is with a ventilation hood.

Dirty joints: the joint surfaces must be kept clean at all times as any dirt or debris can prevent the sealant from fully connecting which can lead to oil leakage.

Oil Overheating in Geared Motor Units

Under normal circumstances, the following five factors will cause the temperature of the lubricating oil of the geared motor to be too high:

Too much oil: again, over-lubricating your geared motor units causes issues, this time by generating more heat than necessary. Make sure the oil level is not higher than the limits of the dipstick or visible hole to maintain an ideal temperature.

Wear and tear: overheating oil can be caused by any wear and tear or damage on the application’s gears, teeth or bearing cages, as well as the ball bearings, inner and outer rings or shafts.

Old oil: expired oil and oil that has not been replaced for a long time will have inconsistent properties which may lead to overheating.

Dust and debris: any dirt accumulating on the gears or on the surface of the application’s components can affect the heat dissipation capabilities of the geared motor unit.

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