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Flender Gearbox and Geared Motors

Spare parts for Flender gearboxes and geared motors are now available through Flender suppliers YB Components, who also provide a special Flender gearbox repair service carried out by Flender-qualified engineers.

Flender geared motors and gearboxes have been a world leader and global standard-setter in the field of power transmission technology for years. The German manufacturer has been a pioneer of high quality geared motor products which continue to rise in demand all over the world across a wide range of industries.

Flender Gearbox Units

The extensive range of Flender gearbox and gear units include helical, bevel-helical and planetary gear units for the standard modular system or as a finished application solution. The portfolio of Flender gear units also include a comprehensive selection of multifaceted universal gear units and application-specific gear units.

The Planurex 2 series of Flender geared motors has been used in a large number of applications over the years and is widely regarded as having set the benchmark for the global standard of geared motor unit manufacture. This series of Flender gear units is renowned for producing reliable and optimal performances even in the most severe operating conditions.

Where the Planurex 2 is not big enough, there is the Planurex 3. This series features Flender geared motors that are fully standardized planetary gear units specifically designed for horizontal installation in large and extra large dimensions. As well as replicating the high quality of the Planurex 2, the Planurex 3 also remains cost effective while maintaining the required power density to produce the reliability expected from Flender gearboxes.

Flender Worm Gear Units

The range of Flender worm gear units include their concave Cavex design. It features a cylindrical worm that has an enveloping wheel to reduce tooth pressure. There are multiple flange options that come with the Cavex design, include the option of mounting the motor in double-worm gear units as well as standard worm gear and helical combinations.

The Cavex worm gear unit by Flender has interchangeable component parts and produces high power while maintaining excellent efficiency. The components are all well lubricated and they operate smoothly with minimum noise.

Flender Spare Parts and Flender Gearbox Repair Service

Flender suppliers YB Components provide a fast and reliable support service for Flender spare parts. Numerous Flender geared motor spare parts are kept in stock for quick supply to anywhere around the UK and the rest of the world. There is also an express delivery service for Flender spare parts for any urgent cases.

The Flender gearbox repair service provided by YB Components is conducted by Flender-qualified engineers using original Flender spare parts only. All of YB Components’ Flender gearbox repairs also benefit from the full Flender warranty.

If you need Flender gear units or any other Flender spare parts delivered fast or require the Flender gearbox repair service, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Flender suppliers.